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January 01, 2010


Christine Edwards

The Stella is gorgeous! I'm really in awe with anybody that can sew like this.

My resolution is to be more purposeful...actually follow through on some of those grand ideas that I have, and use the supplies bought for said projects.


My resolution is to continue to exercise - I always feel so much better!

Your aprons are to die for - love all the mix of fabrics!

Victoria S.

Wow love that Stella apron so pretttttyyyy!
My resolution is to eat healthy, exercise tons and lose weight -already started -yipeee!
vschnorr at zoomtown dot com

Victoria S.

I became a FB fan
vschnorr at zoomtown dot com

Karen Hearn

Beautiful! Your aprons are perfect. My "resolution" is to spend more time with my family!

karin c

As always your fabric combos are clever and fresh...resolution? To find joy in things around me...

Mandy Ford

What a gorgeous kit! And the apron is gorgeous. :)

One of my resolutions for the new year is to treat my body better by drinking more water and much less soda. I'm trying for no soda but we'll see how that goes...

Oh, and I'm a facebook fan!


Hope it's not too late to leave a comment. Love the Stella Apron and the curvy lines! My resoultion is to set up the blog that I've put on hold for too long. I love your blog and all of your beautiful designs. You are an inspiration!



My resolution for the year is to find balance between being a mom, wife and Tiffany and to create more time just for myself.


I am in love with your aprons!! I resolve to finish my projects that are in piles in my craft room. They need to see the light of day and make room for new fun stuff!!


Love, love, love the apron! My resolution is to laugh more. :)


Wow, just found your site through Kerry Lynn's, and this is BEAUTIFUL! I love the trim, the bow on one side of the top, and the rosette cluster...lovely.

One of my intentions for 2010 is to be more present in the moment. One step I'm taking toward this is to play a game with my kids each day, giving them my undivided attention during it. Baby steps. :)

Keri (


Can't wait to get Stella in my mail box;) One my New Years Resolutions is to spend more time with my kids. And read to them everyday/night (haven't been doing too well on this one ALREADY:(!)



My resolution is to be more productive with my time, to focus more on what's at hand and hopefully in the end, get more done.


love the stella apron - i have a friend named stella, that would look gorgeous with it on..
my resolution this year is to clean/organize one aspect of my house for 15 minutes each day.. it may not sound like a long time, but it does make a difference.. ;)

thanks for the giveaway


Oh my gosh! The new apron is BEYOND FABULOUS! I absolutely love it.

This is the first year that I decided to not stress myself out with a ton of New Year's resolutions. The one thing I really want to remember all year is to "Be Present." If I can accomplish that, I know the new year will be filled with joy.


OMG I love the Stella. My resolution is to use my aprons more! k


Hi, hope I'm not too late. My resolution is to try and be content with what I have. Love the apron!


Happy NEw Year. Stella is definitely a very cute apron.
my resolution this year is to be more positive and be spend more time crafting this year.
i just found your blog and i love it.


beautiful, gorgeous, stunning Stella.....and that kit is so fab.


Hey, so did you ever finish building your house? We'd all love to see it!

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