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July 03, 2007



Sounds like fun! I think the quarterly or bi-monthly idea is the way to go... Wish I had time to make one every month!


Oh my goodness! She blogs!! :) I had to look twice when i saw your blog lit up in my bloglines. :) Makes my day. I'm at work so no time to read all the comments but if it hasn't been already mentioned I think quarterly would be a great idea. Especially since you could make them somewhat seasonal that way.

Miss chattin' with ya. Sounds like you've had a rough month. :( Can't wait to start seeing pics of the new place. You must be gettin' so excited.

Love ya,



I've been an admirer of your work for quite some time, never commented until now though Sign me up to win an apron. :)

I think the club is a fantastic idea! Absolutely throw in a child one or two, I think this club would be a great way to get a few christmas presents done early. I think every other month or quarterly would be the way to go, easier for you for sure. I'm not much of a seamstress, but i would definately consider trying my hand at this.

Jaime Young

Hey Kim! I would love to be entered in the contest :) I would be very interested in a apron kit or two :) Would the club be you can order when you want or every month? If it is every month then I wouldn't be able to join but if it is the other way then count me in :)


I love the idea, although right now I am too busy to sew so I would rather buy a custom one from you! ;)

As far as the club, why don't you model subscriptions after after Martha Stewart's flower club (does she still have this?) or Henry & David's fruit club? Offer various subscriptions: monthly, quarterly, tri-annually, etc. This way more people can subscribe w/o overloading you to finish gobs of monthly subscriptions. Another plus: beautiful fabric doesn't go to waste or collect dust by well meaning subscribers [ahem] who would love to make an apron but consistently overbook themselves with projects.


Hi there! Would love to be entered in the drawing! I think a seasonal kit would great and most definitely include kids' aprons!

liz elayne

hope your july is full of fun but no more of those "downer adventures."

i think the club is a wonderful idea and agree with other commenters that every other month or quarterly would be great. i must admit that my preference tends to run to things that aren't too seasonal if seasonal means holidayish. meaning, i can't imagine wearing a halloween apron. we don't have children, and even though we love handing out candy, i wouldn't have a need for something like that. hee, hee. but if seasonal means colors of the seasons - well, count me in for that! your designs are fantastic and so very beautiful - people will love it!

happy day to you!


I absolutely LOVE the idea of an apron club! I agree, quarterly or bi-monthly would probably be best. You're amazing!


err, that would be *Harry* and David above!


For me, a new one each month would be too often. Quarterley is my vote. Or perhaps every other month?


Oh yes a giveaway!!! I agree with quarterly like Kathleen said. Trying to find the time to make an apron once a month, and then pretty soon we'll all have apron kits piling up that we didnt start or finish! I think it is an awesome idea, and I wish you the best of luck!


A club is an *excellent* idea! I think that bi-monthly or quarterly would be plenty of time to complete the previous project by the time the next arrives. Thanks!


I agree- a quarterly club...yes I would be interested!! Maybe alternate- 2 ladies and 2 girls kits per year :)

danni perez

what a splendid idea! i would do it. my suggestion would be to offer the aprons every three months. that way it gives you time to create some beauties and get them out.and maybe offer a better price for those who sign up for the yearly goodness.;0)
good luck and blessings.

Deanna (domestic chicky)

I think quarterly would be a great idea, and my suggestion is to teach a new element/skill each you learn a little something new to carry over to your other adding trims, or pleats, or pockets, ric rac, etc...

Deanna (domestic chicky)

...or appliques! LOL
I forgot to mention also, I would think you might want to limit the subscriptions, then offer a limited number of kits to non-subscribers, so that you are making just a limited amount each time...can't wait to hear more!


Hey, I think that's such a fun idea! I would join! quarterly seems like a great idea to me.

so does this enter me into the drawing??? I hope so!!

I was wondering where you got your business cards done and your little post/note card that you send with the aprons--they are very well done, and I'm getting ready to do that myself. Maybe I should email you?

you're doing such a great job!



Your apron club sounds genius! I'm so thrilled that the kits have been a success. ARe you thinking themed aprons for each month? Or just darling things. Either way, there's definately a market for the kits. xo


my goodness what a month you have had!
we need to catch up soon! :)

debbi eberle

You have such a knack for design, the color and patterns you choose are unique and perfect. I would be very interested in a seasonal or quartly apron kit. Good luck with your new direction!


Tricia Crawford

That sounds like a great idea! Your aprons are total eye candy! I would join the club! Monthly kits would be my choice, but it might be a good idea to offer every month and every other month...and maybe the option of adult only or adult and child mixed?? So many possibilities!


First off, I'm glad you're not dead (crashes or no crashes, it's just good to have you back)!

Secondly, when will we get the details about this new fun "job" of yours???

And thirdly, you know I'd be all over any OJ&Co. Club! My question is how much will it cost? I'm extremely poor *sigh*. You know I would snatch up anything and everything of yours that you come up with if I could. So could I be a part of the club if I do it every now and then? Maybe if they were spaced out enough I could save up for it. And I like Debbi's idea of seasonal aprons...

AND I think you're loony in every good sense of the word! Good luck with the craziness. *B

PS- may all the gods of luck and randomness deem it necessary that I win this one!


PPS- I think you should get to bed earlier than 2 in the morning!!! Yes, you could call me overly observant... and a hypocrite to boot! *B


I think that's a super idea! I think maybe one apron every three months (so four a year) would be a nice number. That way, it's not too overwhelming for the members to sew them. And it's not too far apart that you get too antsy.


I think quarterly would be awesome..I think monthly would be hard...something to look forward to...would love whatever you them all:)

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