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July 03, 2007



What a great idea. I think seasonal would be neat and do include a choice for a child. Maybe at an additional cost. 4 times a year and then for those who want more, maybe you could have another choice for them also..priced accordingly.

Thank you for reading my "suggestions"...LOVE your aprons!

Katie B.

Please do enter me in your drawing! Love your aprons!

I tend to like the idea of doing seasonal kits. That would give you a new theme for nearly every month! I definitely think that including the child's version is a must. Perhaps you could offer a regular club membership for just the adult apron kit and then offer a "premium" mother/daughter club membership that would include the adult apron kit, as well as the kiddos?

HTH! Thanks!
Katie B.

Wendy Updegraff

I missed you last month, glad to hear that everyone survived, even with a little superglue! I agree, seasonal would be best for usually takes me that long to get finished with one project before I can start on another, lol! But if you can have them each month, then that would give everyone more options in case they like one style over the other. Love the idea of a child apron, my little Bella tries to wear my aprons all the time!


I think an apron kit club would be a novel idea. Most things are done monthly,and as the above writer said, if one didn't care for the current one, another would be popping up soon. Suggestion perhaps...a few links for fabrics that flatter the style. Carol


Enter me too! I love the idea of seasonal aprons - who wouldn't want a Christmas themed version? I also think you HAVE to do the child size versions. Laura


First let me say that I check your blog daily and hate it when there isn't a new post. Second, I'm so sorry to hear what a stressful June you had. Sounds like you had a few dewzies to tend to . . . but luckily some good stuff thrown in the mix too.

Ok. To the apron kit question. I think that the club idea is a great one. Seems I can NEVER purchase an apron (or like last time a kit) fast enough so if I joined the club then at least I would be assured. So, that is my first question . . . will you limit the number of "members"? What is your max number? As to how often, I would be game for monthly with perhaps the option for a member to opt out of a month for whatever reason. I would think that if you had say 50 members that each month at least 10 would opt out for that given month so you would be shipping 40 a month. Just a guess. As far as the child size version, cute idea but I would make that an additional purchase option on certain offerings. KWIM?



Oh I think a club is a GREAT idea, but since I can't sew, I wouldn't be interested (so sorry!!!). I also looove the idea of kids aprons, and I am a huuuuuge fan of aprons that include the halter. I think making sure there is a really good variety of styles of apron will be something important to make a monthly club sucessful. That way people really feel like it is worth it. So ones with lots of ruffles, ones with more of a subtle pattern, lots of variety in color combos--maybe seasonal type themes??? I think I have a prototype design in my head but I'm not sure I can even draw it--how sad is that??? Okay--waaaaaaaaay too much for just a small comment on a blog-LOL! Does this thing have a max character allowance--I must be over by now. I'm so sorry about all the yuck things you've had but good for you focusing on the positive. Goldfish crackers do have a way of making you feel better--don't they {grin}--have a fab day!!!


I would think a quarterly membership would be good. Like the above poster mentioned for each season. And it would be awesome to included a smaller pattern for kids as well. I think it would be a cool idea and a great gift for someone to give someone as well!

mel boniface

I saw a couple other ladies mentioned a quarterly or seasonal subscription, and I think that would be awesome! You could have all kinds of fun with that! that would be awesome! Even though I cannot sew (yet!) I would subscribe so I could learn. This may be the only way I can get another OJ & Co. apron is to make it myself since they are SOOOO popular! :) (that is a good thing!) I count myself lucky to get my hot little hands on my Fiona when I did.

Sorry June was such a bummer! Hope things are looking up for the rest of the summer (which it sounds like they are!)

Have a good one Kim!
mel :)


I like the idea of quartely with maybe an option for those interested to do a holidays. It was would be such a fun thing to look forward too!


Kim, I'm so impressed that you're going in this direction. I think your apron club is a great idea. I echo the ladies above in their support of a seasonal subscription. I'd personally love to have options for a kid sized apron too as my little girl loves to help in cooking and craft activities much to the detriment of her clothing which must resemble a napkin or hand towel to her little eyes.


amazing idea!! i would absolutely be in for a quarterly apron kit. i love your funky style and would love to get my hands on your kits ... but it seems like i dont act fast enough before they are sold out. i think a great idea would be to include modifications for each kit - so it can be made in smaller sizes or as a half apron (instead of full if that is the kit's design).
well i can see from the number of comments that everyone agrees that this is a FABULOUS idea!!


I would be in for a kit too. I love your work and get so many comments on the apron I purchased from you. GO FOR IT!


I love the idea! I drool over your beautiful apron designs. I think no more frequent than once every other month, and definately include womens and childrens aprons!
How about a referral program too??

Thanks for entering me!
I hope to win!

Robin Forman

Hi Kim... fun idea! My question would be how long people would join the 'club,' because if I am reading this right, they would get the complete set of stuff to make an apron each month? Therefore, a year's subscription would result in 12 aprons? Perhaps people would prefer an option of every other month... lots of details to work out! Good luck!


I think its a great idea. I also LOVE the idea of child aprons.


Sounds wonderful! I think seasonal/ quarterly would be great and definitely include aprons for the wee ones!!!

Tracey I.

Please enter me in your contest!

Thoughts on apron club. YES do it, as I'm one of those ones who hasn't been able to get in on buying what you have in the shop. Timing is everything isn't it! I would vote for quarterly or bi-monthly. And love the idea of including kids sizes!

Can't wait to see new kit!


Kimberly C

LOVE the idea of an apron club! Whether it's monthly or quarterly, I would be interested. The last one sold out so quick, I catch myself checking your blog all the time for a new one. I would say definately vary it up, from childrens to womens, from full aprons to half, from everyday to holiday! The more variety the better! Whatever you decide, best of luck and I will stay tuned to hear the details.

Happy 4th of July!
Kimberly C

PS - please enter me in the contest!

Phara Thomas

I, like another commenter, don't sew but have been desperately wanting one of your aprons. I'm not sure that I aspire to learn how to sew, but I would join the club. It's a great idea...

Debbie J

I love the idea. Maybe a quarterly club would be good. Also, kits that include not only aprons but other cute little stuff as well. Love the idea of doing it for kids as well. It would be fun to have a variety of different styles, and have some that are fun and funky and others that are more subdued. You know kind of like something you could make for your mother in law and give her as a gift. Fun idea.


ooooh hooray kim is back! :) Sounds like you had a crazy month, but there is always a hole in the blogging world whilst you are gone. we miss ya! ;) I think the apron subscription idea rocks! I'd love it! (wish I could sew better) but maybe it will force me to practice! I do think that having option for child size would be great too, because at some point our daughters are going to want to be as "fabulously dressed" in the kitchen. It will be a domestic revolution started right here at Olive Juice. Loves to you and your family!


I am in on the giveaway too...

ok so I am just echo-ing what everybody else says...A club that was quarterly sounds so fun.
Hey...have you ever thought about an apron design that could be worn by mommies to the dates...mall? One that was maybe a little shorter with places for stashing keys, credit card. One of my freinds was trying to make something like that for herself to wear, but your apron designs are so yummy. I could see people picking those up and throwing them over a cute pair of jeans and looking fabulous. I dunno... maybe something to think about.


Oh my I can't wait for your new apron kit, but I'm sad to think I may miss it. I don't have a computer at home yet, and even the library (where I hook up) won't be open on July 4 (wah!!)

I think the idea of an apron club kit is super - quarterly, sounds better. And as another poster mentioned, if it included other 'sewy' things - that would be even better! LindaSonia

Angela Williams

I think about every other month (or quarterly) would work and definitely both women and children's aprons. It think it would be fun to throw in recipes in a newsletter or something. And definitely holiday aprons or special occasion aprons. This would be so fun.

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