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July 03, 2007



love the idea! I for sure wouldn't offer a new kit every single month (it would overwhelm everyone... including you!!). It would also be fun if sometimes an entire kit was offered, and other months you send us a pattern and one fun embellishment (everyone receives the same thing) that we all get to incorporate in our own creative way. It would be fun to see what everyone comes up with! Hope that makes sense. Keep up the good work, you're amazing!


Hey Kim...I would love the apron of the month kit...I would subscribe in a heartbeat! I would give them as gifts and sew them up (in all of my loads of spare time) and send them to my mom and girlfriends who live in Europe and Canada...they would love them I'm sure! I also think kids sizes would be great...and most certianly at least one or two little boy options as my guys love to help out in the kitchen. Hope July is less busy and more enjoyable for you...come see me @ the booth in Chicago. If I win the draw just shippping?



Good to "see" you back! I think the club is a lovely idea. Maybe every 2-3 months? Monthly might be too often. I love the idea of having a kid version available too. For simplicity, you could offer it as an add on to the adult apron. Although, it would be really nice to be able to decide if we wanted adult, kid, or both after seeing what the new design is. I don't know if that would complicate your life too much, though.

Thanks for doing the drawing! It's getting you lots of good input. :-)
(Pick me! Pick me! oops...)


Hello Dear Friend Kim,
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh--I had been hoping your absence meant you were basking within the walls of your new home and relishing in the joys of decorating it "house beautiful" beautiful :) I am so sorry to hear about the car wrecks and Liv's super glued forehead--my Bradford's forehead was superglued too-a shark attack in the neighborhood swimmimg pool. Funny story, I'll have to tell you later.

On to the topic at hand---your fabulous Apron Club idea. I think it sounds like a great idea--I think quarterly or every 2 months with seasonally inspired colors in the mix and the option for a child's kit for a small additional fee maybe. GOOD LUCK!!! Whatever you do will turn to gold. Hugs! I miss ya, Eva

Marion Moon

Hi Kim,
I would love to subscribe to the apron of the month kit. Maybe we could also do a sew-a-long for us beginners?
Your aprons are gorgeous: patterns and fabrics. This is such great fun!


As a complete beginner, I think a kit on a quarterly basis would be perfect (I may need a lot of extra time completing the aprons!). I can't wait to see the new design!



Yay! You're back! About the apron thing--well, quite honestly, as much as I'd love to envision myself constructing the apron at my sewing machine and then wearing my domestic goodness to work (with cute tights and maryjanes, of course!) I just don't think I would subscribe.

But that's mostly because I don't own a sewing machine. :D

However, I like the quarterly idea thing, AND I could envision this being a really good Christmas present for someone in my family or one of my more crafty friends (the subscription, that is). It would also be cool if you could specifiy children or adult apron styles. Or something.

Good luck with this!!! :)

Stevie K

I love the quarterly apron kit idea!! I think it would be awesome, I can never find cool aprons I'd wear myself! Please enter me in your drawing! Happy 4th of July!!!


yeah! a contest how fun!!


Holy cow, I don't check your blog for ONE day and then you have a new post (with 83 comments!). Wowza!

Of course, enter me in the drawing. One can never have too many aprons. ;) I can't wait for our package to arrive!!! And shucks, you are my favorite apron artiste. In fact, I need another one. My aunt (who happens to be Zoë's birthday twin) was raving about your apron that I was wearing. It would be a perfect birthday gift.

Oh, make sure to check out Zoë's blog when you get time (ha!). There are some fun pictures of her wearing one of my aprons. They are her new favorite "pretty dresses" because they actually stay up. I'm sure you didn't actually have wrestling in mind when you made it but hey, it's well loved. :)

Finally (is this the longest comment ever?) are you and the kiddos OK?!?! Two accidents? Good grief. Looks like *Henry* may just get that new car after all. Hugs!

Rosemary P. add me to the drawing. I vote for every other month or quarterly. I would love some smaller designs for children.

Just lovely...


Love the idea and kids aprons as well!


Awe so cute! I'm bummed that I missed the giveaway!



Oh dear, I read your blog a day late, and now I could be an apron short-- (ya never know). Anyway, I love the idea of every other month or quarterly even. best of luck to you, always.

Jennifer Paganellli

I just tag along whereever there's a everything Kim especially you!!! Jennifer

Sonora Copling

Is the apron kit club a reality? How do I learn more about it?

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