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March 16, 2007



"I'm no good at drawing in Photoshop" UH what? Looks wonderful to me! Can't wait to put this in my pile of things to try! Turned out completely darling, LIKE YOU.


Ooh! Love those! Thanks for sharing the pattern, Kim. I'm in desperate need of Easter decorations and those would be perfect! Now, off to choose some yummy fabric to make them with. . .


Oooooh! Aaaah! I'm no good at sewing really, especially when compared to a guru like you, but this is something worth trying!!! If or when you do make up that petal apron, do I get any credit for inspiring such an idea??? :P
Me, inspiring you... HA!!

Shabby Miss Jenn

OMG Send that over to Heather! Those are adoooorable Kim!!!!!!!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Oh Wow! How cute!!!
Stop..stop right now with the ideas mind is going crazy! LOL


Oh Kim, you are so darn talented! Look at those eggs will ya? I wish I knew about these a month ago.... they would have been darling in the shop. SO~ whatdaya have up your sleeve for the next holiday (4th of July/summer?) love your blog.

Ashley H.

Oh Kim, these are just adorable. I just might have to make me some. I thought you did a great job with the instructions. Seemed clear to me when reading them.


SO SO Cute, Kim! Great job! Totally adding these to the to-do list!

Happy Birthday Mr. You Know Who!!

Deanna (domestic chicky)

Adorable! These are going on my project list!!


Thanks for the pattern! they're great!

jen harr

You should seriously charge admission to view your blog! Well, except me, of course! LOL! Super Chic!


how adorable are those!!!!!!!


Love, love, love them. I am having a "spring" party at my house in a few weeks, how cute would one of those be at each place setting? So going to have to make some, I will send a pic when they are done. Love ANY excuse to buy cute fabric ;) Thanks for the pattern! xoxo


Those are tooo cuuute:) I just love those fabrics too.


kim you blow me away girl! you are sooo creative and these eggs are the cutest!! you make me wish i knew how to sew, and i don't know thing one about a sewing machine- and i have one too! ohhhh, so henry was born on st. paddy's? too cool! have fun!


Look at those adorable eggs!! And the pattern/instructions is just as adorable! You are so good! Enjoy the birthday cake!


Oh YAY for me-woohoo! Wow I'm doin' the happy dance just cuz I guessed right-LOL. How goofy is that? I can't even sew! But I do wish I knew how. These eggs are just adorable!! Love them! Maybe my SIL can make them--as long as I get to choose the fabrics-hehe. Well she has okay taste I guess:) And I guess I should manage to put my blog link with my name now, shouldn't I? We'll see if I can figure that out:) Have a great weekend! Oh yeah and I made the scones--came out soooooo yummy!

Penny Sanford Fikes

Brilliant idea! I will definitely make some and share a photo with you when finished. I've never outgrown Easter Eggs! Don't plan to either! HA!


Thanks for the cute pattern! Now I know what to do with all my scraps (which I've been hoarding "just in case")!


Adorable Eggs! So creative you are! Now I just wish I could sew!


those are just the cutest and funnest ever :) i love them.....


what an awesome idea!!! I can't wait to try it out this week!!! :) :) :) Thanks!!!


Your eggies are too sweet! I look forward to trying that pattern out.

jenny holiday

Ohhh these are just so so so sweet! Love them to bits!! I do not sew, sad to say. I'd love to learn! These will be at the top of my list of things to make when I do finally learn!!..oh and an apron!! : )

Love them so much!!

xoxo Jenny


You are so funny! I took Home Ec in middle school, did my bout with sewing, HATED IT, and I continually wonder what kind of mutant I am because all of the women in my family are fabulously creative with a needle and thread.

But then I read your blog and allow myself to wander over to the dark side. :) Maybe sometime in the future....eggs don't seem to hard, eh?

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