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March 08, 2007



I will have to try those for a breakfast I am having with just girls:) Thanks for sharing.
PS. Can't wait for spring.

Shabby Miss Jenn

MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! Now you got me drooooling here Kim!!! Lovely pics there too!!!!!


Ummm, actually I can't feel it - it snowed here yesterday!! I am wishing so badly for spring though...and those scones look so delish!! Maybe if I make them, spring will come??

jen harr

Oh, Girl, you know I love it when you post recipes! And, wow, what a cool way to display it--so chic!


Mmmmm! You know the best way to cure Spring Fever is to take a trip to California! Haha. It's felt like Spring here for the past 2 months (not like it ever felt like Winter... maybe a very pleasant Fall)! Weird to think that it's still cold and sometimes snowy elsewhere!

I'll enjoy my sunshine (and beaches), thank you very much! Although a day of snow would be fun... nah!

ps- i'm going to have to snatch some, if not all, of your recipes to add to my other site, if you don't mind! thanks - unless you do mind... that's cool, too!



Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Oh Kim those look DELISH!! Can't wait to try them! Picked up a huge flat of strawberries today! A pound of butter and a quart of half and half...oh man!Can't wait! Hope you get some warm weather soon! It's been gorgeous here for several weeks now. The rain finally stopped and we have had 75 degree weather every day! Thanks for the yummy recipe! Have a wonderful weekend!


Great closet organization! Very cool.

Dinner and scones - yum, yum, yum!


Would you believe I have NEVER tried a scone?! But those look YUMMY! Although I think you could add strawberries to just about anything and I'd love it. :) And can I just say that I LOVE how you embellished that yummy photo! You should do a recipe album. :)


If you had a bakery - i would totally come!! You always make me hungry with your yummy recipes - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . gonna have to get some groceries and try these scones out! :)


OMG Those do sound YUMMY! Spring id FINALLY in the air here after out horrific winter. I think I will hit the grocery in the morning for some supplies for a Saturday morning treat. Thanks!


WOWZERS that even makes *me* want to cook, and that is nothing short of a miracle ;). How do you find time to do all the amazing things you do? My daughter had goldfish and peaches for breakfast? :O


Wow... looks too good not to try! I love to bake but forget to make time:) Thanks for reminding me how fun it is. Sounds like the perfect Sunday morning activity. Yum Yum!


I so wish it were closer to spring here. Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous though! I loove the cadbury mini eggs. Such a treat. The other thing I love are the pastel lifesavers that only come out now. You'll be hooked! There's something about the flavors that are so yummy! Tonight I'm making Barefoot Contessa's shrimp with linguini - very summery and delicious!

Holly F.

Great minds must think alike! We made scones on Sunday and again yesterday too! I'll have to try your recipe now. I've also been breaking out the pasta recipes. You'll have to send me your Fettuccine Alla Primavera one too. Happy almost Spring!


Yum yum on the scones. I'd love the fettucine primavera recipe too - sounds delish!


I just bought tons of strawberries, so this recipe will be perfect! Have a great weekend :D

Ashley Hollis

These sound so yummy. I will have to try these. I have never used/bought cake flour before (I'm not a huge baker). I have been trying to experiment and try new recipes because I'm bound and determined to find the love to cook and bake. I'll be doing it for the rest of my life, right? Might as well learn to enjoy it!!! Ha ha.

We are dying here for some warm weather. We want to wear skirts and flip flops.


i should know by now when you are up very late at night i should check your blog right away!
these scones look DE lish!!! it is definately spring around here!


YummmmEEEEEEEEE! This will be perfect for the tea we are having soon!! And oh I'd show up anytime but i don't think I am anywhere near close enough to do that ;) Have a super weekend!


Okay, I'm so headed to the kitchen to make scones. I was in a baking mood today anyway and now I have no choice. By the way, how did you put that lovely frame around your picture? Too cute! Jen

Nancy Comelab

You have got my mouth watering, woman! Yum! Tell me, is there anything you are NOT good at? Anything at all? ;) Love ya, chickie!

Andrea S.

ok, um, yum.
cannot wait to make these!
thanks for sharing the recipes!!!

Shabby Princess

wow - these look incredible! i will SOOOOO have to try the cinnamon version...i have this thing about eating warm/cooked fruit (lolol)!!! but - i LOOOOOOOVE cinnamon :) can't wait...hmmmm - might have to take a baking 101 class first though - he he! AMAZING as always! thanks for sharing with us :)


Spring, isn't it just wonderful!!! There is just something special about scones. Thanks for sharing.

carlene're making my mouth water! Now go get sewing, LOL! Have a great week!

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