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February 06, 2007



Hi Kim, so glad you're back! Olivia and Gray look so cute! Gotta love birthdays. Let me think about these light fixtures for a sec here.....hmmm.........either A or B. Hmmmmmmmm....... I think that I like A, but B comes in a super close second. If you need any help with flooring, appliances, or furniture you know my hubby Corey works at a little Fishers store down the street. I'm sure your home will be gorgeous when it's done. Have a great day! I just got out of the shower so don't worry, lol.


What a fab Birthday for LIv! Glad to see a pic of that ever so cute little Gray too!!!

My pick is just the way they are ordered - Option A is first pick for me - then b then c!!! Good luck - I know how tough that all is to pick out!


Glad to see you back in cyber space. Cute cute cute kiddos you have there (both of them). ;)

As for the lighting, I say either A or B. I am not a fan of C. There is my two cents.


I really like B. Like Maegan not a big fan of C.


A is my first choice, followed by B


I like A best for the clean lines, but after reading your description of your home, I think B might be the choice for you.


I vote for A, then B. And the pictures of the party are great!

Ashley Hollis

So glad your back in the blogging world!!! ha ha. So funny that you ordered Liv's cake...I did the same thing for my liv's BD. It was back during my sick days so I don't feel too bad!!! On the lighting situation: I like B by far the best. Good luck picking stuff out and show us some pictures of that house.


Ok, this is so funny. My DH and I sound like you and your DH. We are building a house right now also! We are contracting it ourselves. Yep. I know. Crazy. Anyhoo.....I know how it is. He likes light and I like dark, rich color wood. Our kitchen, I wanted DARK and well, you know the drill. In the end, our kitchen will be dark. Men are usually more practical when choosing things... Women want it to look good! Of course! When they let us have our way and it is all complete, they always AGREE and LOVE it too! It's all good in the end! And yes! I got my new Brocade Home catalog a few days ago and drooled over all the fabulous stuff. BEAUTIFUL! Ok, on to your poll...... I choose B!
A is my 2nd choice. Glad your internet woes are a thing of the past!! Love the cute pics of Miss Olivia celebrating her birthday! She is such a little beauty! Have a great week!!


Oh! I forgot to say what a handsome little man Gray is!!


A is "in-the-middle" style-wise, so I'm guessing it would be best for your home.

Shabby Miss Jenn


OOOH YUM! I loove A and B! LOL Hard hard choice babes!


I vote for B.

I enjoy your blog - thanks for sharing. Sounds like a fun party. My son will be 4 in August and I'm with you; where did the time go? I keep telling him he will always be my baby boy but he answers back that he's a "big boy" now.


Okay, definitely A. Well, maybe B. No A. Or B. Definitely not C.


Ok---You know, I'm going to be asking you a ton of questions when we start our renovation in Spokane! LOL! It all sounds like it's going to be amazing! At first glance, I was going to choose A--- but, I feel like that's too safe-- I Like B or C because it has just enough "different" that will still add to your home even if it is in the hallways & laundry room--- B--more Brocade Home & C for more mod/vintage--LOL! hugs!


Hey girlie! Olivia looked A-dorable on her birthday! as far as lighting goes... I think I like B the best.. if your ceiling is high enough...


I like B.

By the way, I loved the picture of the kitchen you wanted - that just about looked like heaven to me! Oh, and I had to go and order the Brocade Home catalog when you mentioned it before. Thanks for sharing that.


I am so torn and consequently distraught because I could not decide, or help you decide, which light was best! But I think, in the end and when all is said and done, I vote for B. Not a big fan of A actually (I think I'm the first to admit that), and I don't mind C, for the modern look. But I like B, especially if your ceilings are high, as mentioned before.

Good luck! I'm curious to know which one you prefer vs. your hubby's choice! And I am getting so jealous over here; I want to build a house and make designing decisions! Heck, I want a house...


I love B :) Looks like Liv had a great Birthday too.... I CAN'T believe you BOUGHT a cake though... GASP! Don't Natalie's Birthday elements just ROCK?? Is that the new cluster of Nancy's? I bought them but never got a download key, thanks for reminding me I need to check on that! Gray dude is getting so big... they sure do grow up fast :( Oh and BTW, I've been meaning to speak to you about smell...

Jamie Walker

B would be my choice!


Good to see you back! I would choose A or B but probably A unless I had super tall ceiling since I would be afraid of it looking too low.
Birthday greetings to Olivia!


OMG the kids look so darling. And my Gray has sure changed a lot since you last featured him. LOL He's getting so big! Love the birthday princess all tuckered out in her finery. So, onto the lights. B all the way, but I also think C would be fun. Good Luck!


OMG the kids look so darling. And my goodness, Gray has sure changed a lot since you last featured him. LOL He's getting so big! Love the birthday princess all tuckered out in her finery. So, onto the lights. B all the way, but I also think C would be fun. Good Luck!



Daisyduster (Becky)

Ohhh Goodness!
All three have such great potential....
I could see C being a great elegant but not distracting from the fancier lights option...And A is an inbetween could-go-either-way...but I keep looking at B! LOL
So I guess that's my choice.

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