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February 15, 2007



Sooo cute! My mom called yesterday after school to tell me about "the cutest Valentine on the planet" from your little one. Big hit.

I'm so glad you chose that fixture. Love it!


Those strawberries look yummy! I don't know if I could handle the chicken though. Anything with blood in the name kind of turns me off. :)
The cinnamon marshmallow is intriguing. I never would have thought to combine the two. Hmmm, I may have to try that.


Oh... I felt the love Kimmie-cakes! ::wink:: LOL

Look at you all fancy with the chocolate covered strawberries in penguin suits!!! I did get chocolate covered strawberries but mine only had some snazzy pink drizzling! LOL

The marshmallows....oh to die for...and here I was thinking the cinnamon was especially for me! Damn my "self-centeredness"....I still feel all warm and fuzzy though! :P

Love you!!!!!


Oooh, I almost let it slip without saying a word but, did you crush the "hankering" yet?



Kim, yum!!! You are making me so hungry right now...I have to try the chicken...sounds amazing :) We were pretty much snowed in for V-day, but we didn't have major plans anyway, so glad yours was lovely :)


I enjoy reading your blog and LOVE the light fixtures. Could you share where they are from.....I've been looking for some ceiling mounts like you've shown. Thanks!

teresa mcfayden

oh yeassssss, fabulous choice for the lighting!! :)


talk about generous and beautiful! you make me smile. thank you!


Great lighting choice! That was my pick too... you know it has to be "perfect" when I come visit ya ;) LOL!

So I decided that I was going to be cutting the sugar (mostly) out of my diet. Bought me some Diet Dr Pepper and Splenda for tea. The one indulgence is going to be my Venti White Chocolate Mocha daily ;) You just CAN'T mess with a something that good by getting sugar free or low fat milk :) But... I'm going to have to break the rules again as soon as Jimmy goes to the post office and I get to work tonight :) Love ya babes!!!

BTW, I'm now craving roasted chicken and coconut cupecakes... thanks....

Nancy aka belgianangel

OMG I want those marshmallows! Oh oh oh.. I want to be special too! :) I hope you had a wonderful VDay, girlie! {hugs}


Mmmm....marshmallows! Glad you had such a sweet holiday!


I'm definitely trying the chicken! And I love Ina and her coconut cupcakes. Have you tried her roasted pork tenderloin with the mustard/rosemary crust? To DIE for, and I'm not a fan of pork. Oh, and with the leftover pork we make Cuban sandwiches. Yummy!


homemade marshmellows?? Yum yum! Love the lighting choice.. hopefully he'll be convinced although I think the others will work well too. Sometimes (sometimes) we need to let them have their way! HA! :)


Now you have me craving coconut cupcakes! I love Ina!


Now you have me craving coconut cupcakes! I love Ina!


Now you have me craving coconut cupcakes! I love Ina!

Shabby Princess

oh man - your blog is just total eye candy :) love it all...the light fixtures are are those v-day treats! awesome job! thanks for all of the inspiration :)



Oh yummy! Those marshmallows look absolutely divine!

Heather Bailey

I've got that marshmallow bug again. Tell me your tips for making cinnamon ones. Did you use red hots? Or cinnamon flavored oil? Do tell. I've got this cherry flavoring that I want to try and I'm toying with chocolate-dipped marshmallows rolled in coconut - yum!

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