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December 21, 2006


Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

Kim, I really should make your blog one of my Firefox homepage tabs. I always feel SO inspired just visiting here!


Yay for recipes!! I am going to try out your sugar cookie recipe tomorrow and I can't wait! This popcorn may be next on my list!


I think that's Garrett's on Michigan Avenue... is that where you went? Every tim I go by that place, people are lined up outside the store, right onto the sidewalk, just waiting! Must be good.

Shabby Miss Jenn

OMG what font is that?


Yum! I want to be your neighbor! And I have to agree with Shannon B. I can't help but feel inspired checking out your blog.


First of all I have to thank you again for the crochet hook holder you made me. Seriously, that was the sweetest thing and so thoughtful since I think I was such a crochet fanatic in Chicago where YES, I believe Sasha is right, it's Garrett's popcorn shop on Michigan Ave. Still can't believe I left my WHOLE bag at the hotel when I left to go home and had specifically made the stop so I'd have some for the train ride. Ugh! What a great idea though to make this as little gifts. I may just have to add the ingredients to my shopping list this afternoon. And I'm with you all the way on the Walmart thing. I avoid that place like the plague. The worst part in any I've been to is the fact that you spend more time waiting in line than you do actually wandering the store finding what you need. So frustrating every time. Fortunately we have a great place just a block up the road that has everything just like walmart but instead of 2 lanes being open there are usually more like 20 and even if you have to wait there are little tv's in each check-out playing behind the scenes video of Grey's Anatomy and advertisements for fun places like Disney so waiting isn't so bad. :)

Okay, got carried away there. LOL Anyway, if I don't catch ya again before have a blessed Christmas with your family.

Love ya,



ooh.. I love new recipes!!

Nancy aka belgianangel

Thanks so much for that delicious recipe, Kim! I just love caramel popcorn!!!


I'm totally inspired too! YUM! Still think you're the total package! (wink wink!)


Kim, I adore you for many reasons. I adore oyu even more for knowing what cloches are! I'm dying to see what you bought. I saw some at Target too, but my I'm over budget on holiday shopping.

That popcorn sounds delish.
Merry Christmas.

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