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December 22, 2006


Shabby Miss Jenn


Nancy aka belgianangel

Woohee! These cookies look fabulous! I'll have to try this! Thanks for sharing these, miss Kim!

And please accept my most heartfelt wishes for a Magical Christmas and a Sparkling 2007, for you and your beautiful family!

{hugs} --> like millions of them!


Girl, you are KILLING me!! I was literally just this second copying down all the ingredients I needed for your sugar cookies so I could run to the store and then you post these babies. Looks like I may be baking two kinds of cookies! I better stop looking at your blog until after the holidays!

Lindsey McBride


Holy Night! Whew! Just reading your blog makes me worn out! How do you do it all? I still am amazed at how many times we think of the same things -ie: the stockings! You know how my sewing skills are though - but I'm excited to show you anyway! I was bummed I had to leave the party the other night before I got a chance to chit-chat! We'll have to catch up after the holidays. XOXO Linds

Daisy Cottage

Those look SO yummy AND pretty! I'll have to try to make them.
Merry Christmas!


Oh! I am so excited to find another "dessert lover"! I am always looking for yummy new treats! girls always say, "mommy always has to make the pretty looking desserts" So, needless to say, I will be whipping up some of those pretty and yummy Candy Cane Chocolate cookies!! The Caramel popcorn is on my "to do list" for tomorrow morning! Yum! I can hardly wait to taste it! Thanks so much for the yummy recipes and have a blessed Christmas and wonderful 2007!!

Laurie G

mmmm- these remind me of whoopie pies!!!!
TFS the recipe!!

Merry Christmas!!


Yummm, these look so tasty!

p.s. We did the buttercream frosting with our sugar cookies and it was as amazing as you said. Thank you!


Wow, those look almost too cute to eat! I'll have to try these next year. Thanks for sharing!


YES....Kim's recipes!!!! (Imagine me jumping up in the air!)
One of my all-time favorite combos--mint & chocolate! Thank you sweets!

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

Yum! Ok, I have two questions ... How many cookies does this make and is dutch process cocoa found in a regular grocery store? I'm doing Christmas cookies tomorrow and these would be sooooo cute to give to our neighbors!

Becky (Daisyduster)

I REMEMBER that cover last year!!! And I never ended up getting it!
Thanks for the soooo yummy recipe!
Merry Christmas!


Oh my..that's sooooo yumyyyyyyyyy,Kim!!! Thanks for the recipe! I know, I cannot for the life of me make it but at least I have that for my shelves:) hehe

Happy Holidays!



Oh that is totally up my alley.. peppermint and chocolate. And it's so darn cute!

Merry Christmas to you my new blogging friend. :)


Hey! Thanks for the recipe! And the info about the Bon Appetit recipe... I often find I have to make substitutions to their recipes. Have a Merry Christmas!!


Wow!!! Those sure are pretty looking! And they look delicious! Great idea to post recipe's like this!


Oh these look so good Kim!! Next year... next year :)


Thanks for the information...I bookmarked your site, and I appreciate your time and effort to make your blog a success!

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