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September 21, 2006


Nancy aka belgianangel

Oh, I'm so glad your party turned out a huge success! Next time, you invite me too, girl! :) The photos look so inviting... And ah, the little birthday boy is absolutely adorable. Great photos! {hugs}


Wow - girl, you are mother of the year for throwing a party like that! I wish I could have come, looks like it was worth the wait on the weathers part! Thanks for sharing your cute pics, can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve now!

Shabby Miss Jenn

OMG That is the CUUUUUTEST idea I have ever seen! I looove the boooths!!!!! Sooo cute Kim!


Not boring! I want to see more of your precious life. Your kids look precious! The party looks amazingly fun! Sorry I couldn't come, but you know 12 hour drive & all.

I'm gonna borrow this party theme for Parker's 3rd birthday.


Kellie (joelsgirl)

Looks like great fun, Kim! Little Gray has grown up so much, but he still has that same face from some of his baby pictures. Yes, I know this because your layouts always stick out to me. LOL! I'd recognize your kids if I saw them at the mall for sure.


Such a great theme! That's not a bore at all.. looks like a total hit and the expressions on everyone's faces proves it.

Gorgeous blog btw. I'll visit again. :)


Kim, it all turned out so great! So glad the day went off without a hitch. Love your painted Martha banners- they turned out great huh! Your kids look they truly enjoyed themselves! Thanks for sharing!


You wouled never bore me with your great pics and the cute stories! OK - first - your hubby did Liv's hair - WOW!!! She looks so grown up and look at birthday boy himself - to stinkin CUTE!!! Looks like the party was a blast!

Jen Harr

What a BLAST! Your kiddos look totally adorable!! So glad the weather cooperated and you guys had fun!! Happy Birthday little guy!

mel boniface

What a great party!!! What a fun mom you are! Your kids look absolutely adorable! Your whole family is cute!!! Glad you had a great time, you obviously put a ton of work into everything! Very inspirational for next year, both of my girls have august birthdays! Thanks for sharing!
mel :)

Grammy Joylynn

Wow can you put on a party!! It all turned out so nice and of course the kids (even those who are supposed to be adult) all had fun. You didn't miss a single detail. I'll be putting your name in for Mother of the Year. And, might I add, your kids are the cutest ever!


OH MY looks like a great great great pah-ty!!!!


YAHOO! That party looks awesome! Your family is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the photos- you really rocked that party!!! You are sooo mom of the year!

Jenny Ress

Kim, I sent you an e-mail...rec'd my apron & I LOVE IT!

Gray's 'hawk is so cute/cool. Love your awesome photos from the party. What wonderful memories your children will have!

Thanks again!


I really enjoy your blog! How do you make those collages for posting on typepad? Do you make them first in photoshop and upload them as a single file? I love them! Thanks.

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