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August 04, 2006


Amy Wathen

Oh Kim, this is wonderful!!! I am thinking I need to have an apron collection and I have only seen the first couple aprons. And I LOVE the naming idea! Brilliant! CAn't wait to see the rest.


OH...I have to have a LOLA!! i just love how you put "perfect for twirling" - i thought I'd be the only goof that would want to do that!! ok, sign me up. I'd love to pick up some of these for Christmas presents AND a perfect hostess gift for some parties during the holidays (instead of the boring bottle of wine)!!! Seriously, though let me know what I need to do to reserve a couple. THANKS!!!

mel boniface

LOVE IT!!! Cannot wait to see Lola's friends! i have a feeling i am going to want all of them! i will be emailing you soon with an order i can tell. beautiful work kim!


ROFL! You are so funny Kim! I can just imagine you asking your husband . . . I think this was the perfect name choice for this apron, and I Love your little description of it at the bottom!!! Awesome work! You amaze me!

Jen Caputo

Oh my gosh I need it... except not just to wear in the kitchen, i want to wear it to work everyday! And to lollapalooza this weekend! And to barbeques all summer! And... Make me a skirt that looks like this please! (Or at least tell me it's ok to wear this one out in public, maybe over a slightly longer brown skirt? Seriously, i need this... are there certail sizes or one size or what? (I have a big butt....) how do i buy?


Soooo adorable Kim! How could I wear it as an apron though and dirty it up? LOVE it and can't wait to see more!


You crack me up!!! LOVE the name and that adorable description of her!!!


Your fabrics are BEAUTIFUL! You could wear that as a skirt!!


cute.... now where's mine lol


Girl, this is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the fabric and the colors!!!! amazing!!! Can't wait to see the others!!!

lauren teather

I absolutely LOVE where you are going with these.... this is absolutely incredible!! You have hit the jackpot!! AMAZING!! Yeah, we'll be seeing these on Oprah before too long :o)!! Love these!

Laurie G

WOW Kim- this is awesome! It almost makes me want to clean my house from top to bottom! Almost LOL! You are too talented. The other day I saw Shawn's purse that you made- just beautiful!

Great idea to name them and give a description- sooooooo creative. :) I wish you much success!

Maegan Birr

Fabulous! I love the colors. You know, I think I might actually start wearing aprons! (Only yours of course. They are beautiful, practical, and still hip).


Have to have it!!! LOL! Seriously love it and the name!

Andrea Mooney

Wow, Kim. Amazing. You are so stinking talented it's unreal. Not only have you created this stellar apron, you've also managed to display in in a truly tempting way! These could really be huge girl.


o h m y g o s h
o h m y g o s h
o h m y g o s h

just how amazing is Lola?!
can i buy one, pleasssse? lol.

Lisa aka momy4him

kim! i am just blown away by your talent! this is the most gorgeous apron i have ever seen!


Her name was Lola...she was a showgirl....

:) gorgeous, as usual! Are you sure that's an apron and not a skirt? Cuz I'd totally wear it to church.


Oh that is SUPER cute!! Gorgeous--and I love the name/description! FUN!!


Kim this is AWESOME! I absolutely love it! You rock! I was in a really cool vintagey punk type store called 'mother punkers' yesterday and they had aprons matched with the coolest fun t-shirts and tops with skirts, jeans and leggings. She said they've been sooo popular. You're right on the edge of the latest trend! :) She LOVED the purse you made me too. :) Can't wait to see the other aprons. Your previews are too cool! :)


i love that song. lol. you know, your aprons are just way too pretty for cooking. i would probably wear a ratty apron over the top of lola, just so no grease would get on it. lola would be my dress apron, like those guest bathroom towels, that are only for looks. haha. seriously, i would just throw a top over it, and call it a skirt. :)


WOW! This is just amazing....such talent! so cool!


oh my gawd, I love your aprons, adorable!


Waawaa..I want this one and it's gone ohh fiddlesticks.. This is just so lovely. I would wear with sparkely shoes and a cute pink top. Whilst I was baking homemade bread. Maybe I will name our new daughter Lola..How cute.

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