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May 03, 2006



ohh girl. . I'm sorry she isn't well. best wishes that she is feeling better soon. Hopefully you get some rest too!


Ahh no!!! Sure hope it goes away soon!!!

We had that at my place last week!! It's not fun!


I hope the tummy woes are over, that certainly can't be fun for any of you at all!

Lisa aka momy4him

awww poor girl! poor mommy! i hope things are better soon...

Shabby Miss Jenn

You too? Oh man! Matt has had this same 3 day tummy flu since Saturday night. He's finally over it. MAN OH MAN! It was awful! Hugs and kisses to you!


my prayers go out that you all get caught up on sleep and what not and that Liv gets better and you all don't catch it!


Awww! Poor Olivia! I hope that she feels better soon and that it skips the rest of you!!


Oh Poor Olivia and You!! How Horrible!! I hope she feels better soon!!!


Aww poor Olivia! Hope she feels better soon and that it doesn't make a round trip.


oh poor mommy! its so rough when they are sick! have missed you on hello! :)


Oh, poor baby Liv is still struggling the bug......hopefully by now she is feeling better and you are getting some much needed rest!



Oh no! Poor little thing and poor Mommy. :( We went two rounds with the stomach bug this Winter & early Spring so I feel for you!!!!


Oh sweet Kim and precious Olivia. **hugs** There is nothing worse than when our babies get sick.They never really understand what is happening and why, and there's only so much we can do.

As soon as she gets better you take yourself to the salon and get yourself a pedicure just to indulge. You deserve it.

Give Olivia hugs for me.


Oh, poor Olivia...I hope she feels better soon! Poor mommy too, I you you have a puke-free day tomorrow;)


thinking of ya and hopefully by now she is feeling much better. poor little peanut.


Get better soon!! Sickies be gone!

Maegan (Coffeebean)

I am SO SORRY she isn't feeling well. That is just the worse. I'd take a cold anyday over the puking. Sending healthy vibes your way!

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