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May 09, 2006



so glad to hear that everyone is on the mend :) i just have to say that laundry is my worst enemy as well, but not because i am meticulous. i just plain hate it!!!! it is the one chore that doesn't end. i have been using the vanilla lavender fabric softner for quite a while, and its my absolute fave!!! the one thing that i do love about laundry is the smell of my clothes!!


I am oh sooo glad to hear you guys are feeling better. That's so horrible that poor Liv got so sick.

Speaking of products, have you tried the new clorox anywhere spray? You can spray it on any hard surface, even around foods, and it kills germs and doesnt hurt your kids. Spray toys, tables, door knobs and walk away. Simple as that.

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only girl who gets her kicks from new cleaning products. I too hate the whole folding, sorting and putting away of laundry, but I'm not as neat about it as you.
I always joke with Ryan, {my dh} about how sad it is that a freshly cleaned bathroom gives me such a happy rush. LOL.

Glad to see you blogging more. I love reading your blog!

Take care girl!

Sara "goodness this is almost a blog post in itself" Carling


I can't wait for recipe days! Too cool!
I would hate to see you not blogging anymore! Glad that you are all on the upswing. And can I just tell you how glad I am to see I am not the only neurotic laundry doer!? I gotta tell you I found this laundry detergent that just makes me smile! Apple Mango Tango and the other is Gardenia Delight. They smell SOO yummy!


BWAHAHAHA! A Tad anal and teensy weensy control freak describes me too, ROFLOL! Your schedule sounds great to me!

Lisa aka momy4him

hate laudry? then don't come to my house! i do at least 3 loads a day easy!
poor miss olivia! i am glad that you are all beter now! looking forward to new recipes too- we are a taco-spaghetti-every-week family ugh. new recipes are always welcome here!


Glad to hear Liv is feeling better. Having a sick baby is just the worst. I always feel so bad for them. Thanks for the ironing spray tip. I didn't know there was anything but spray starch to help with ironing. I am going to have to try that. (I say that like I actually iron..hee hee). Don't cringe, I just fluff my clothes in the dryer. Gasp!


So glad you are all on the mend. My oldest son got hit hard with Rotovirus when he was 1 (on his birthday actually- poor thing) and had to be hospitalized for dehydration. It ishorrible to see yur child SO sick. Hate it, so glad that you are on the sunny side now. Unfortunatley the laundry side wil never be sunny. At least for many years. LOL I try to catch up and be done for awhile but you can never be done. Hate having to tumble a load for the 3rd time to get the wrinkles out.


I am so glad to hear everyone is feeling are seriously tooo cute with your schedule, and NO, your not the worst blogger in the world...I am!!! Maybe I should make up a little mini schedule in my head to get the ball rollin' with my blogging...I never have anything interesting to say though, lol.


Kim, I love your blog schedule! it rocks, and it's fun to read about your laundry quirks...I have to admit I'm quite the quirky one with laundry too! made me laugh :)

have a great week

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

Aw, that sickness sounds horrible. I'm glad you're all doing better. I will second your recommendation for the clorox wipes (I use those babies on everything!) and the lavendar softener. That stuff is the best! I love to have that scent all over the place - my sheets, bathroom rugs, everything.

I'm gonna have to try that wrinkle releaser!

Can't wait to see more blogging from you!


Oh yes! You blogged! We too, love the lavendar/vanilla softener but they never have the magnolia/orange - there's not even a spot for it on the shelves......oh yes, we buy the Downy Wrinkle Reducer by the case! :D

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