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August 26, 2009



My daughter did the exact same thing last week with her grape slush...not fun when I'm trying to hold it over a plastic sack I had in the car and trying to drive at the same time. Yuck!

megan v

You think that is bad? I have one for you!
My HUSBAND was drinking a strawberry smoothie in DSW while I was trying on shoes... and with his boredom at it's peak he got antsy and was messing with the straw... which ended up jabbing thru the bottom of the styrofoam cup! The smoothie poured all over the nice cushoney seat he was on and all over the crotch of his jeans.
YES. It can happen to a grown man as well as a three year old!!

hahaha!! *please don't tell him I shared this! haha!*


Holy crap, you blogged! I thought my eyes were deceiving me when Bloglines told me. Sorry about the sticky blue everywhere. Maybe Oxyclean spray? It's worth a try.

Nancy in CA

WOW...I have been waiting it seems like forever for the REVEAL. I was new to your blog when you had your baby, then the reveal announcement...and finally here you are. Can't wait to see what's in the kit. Nice to meet you. Nancu in So Cal.
P.S. The experience you had with Sonic drinks...I would boycott them.

Maggie in TX

As a mom of 3 boys, I can say from experience this is what they do...and it doesn't stop when they get older. They can trash a car fast! Chick-Fil-A uses the same type of cups. I'd suggest no drinks for the kids before a boycott.


this has happened to us 2 in the last week. both with sonic cups. my little almost 2 year old baby girl love to jam that straw. started carrying a plastic reusable cup in my bag to dump her drinks in. problem taken care of and no more red slush stain on white shirts.

Rhonna Farrer

sooo excited to see you blogging again.
my drought is over!!!!


Oh my goodness is that tay-goo?(was that what she said???) such a cutiepie!!! seriously. ok signed up for the club, soooo excited to get my package!


Oh the horror! My panties would be in a twist with that one. Good thinkin with the double cup! I am so glad to see you blogging again :)

Jennifer Harr

Hey you! What a handsome dude! Hope you're great....this cracked me up!
I've been so busy and haven't been checking blogs, etc... and recently been getting so many compliments on the tea skirts I bought and handed out as gifts, I thought I'd see what's up with you & whatcha got going on.

I love Sonic, btw ;)
My regular is the super sonic breakfast burrito....shhhhh!


The "hole in the cup" drama happens to me everytime I get my daughter a drink from Sonic. Love Sonic, but not their cups so much. Definitely not toddler friendly.

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