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October 13, 2008



I feel your pain. Henry just got Kate sick and she's teething. Oy. I feel sleepless nights coming on. Have you ever tried co-sleeping? Henry slept like an angel when he was close to us (but I realize it's not for everyone)

hey- I might be up in your neck of the woods in the next week or so- let's get together!



oh, you poor thing... don't have much advice on the sleeping thing... we had bad times with it too... I would be known to go for a drive at midnight just to get the kid to sleep.

hope you get some rest soon!!!

thinking of you! :) miss you!


OH! I am in the EXACT same boat as you. Miss Milli is NOT sleeping well at all. I have tried everything too... I have even let her cry it out and that doesn't even work. I am at a complete loss. However, I just bought some night time orajel and she is doing much better. I think she might be teething. Honestly I have been praying for help and for her to sleep better... Good Luck with T!

I will be up there in the next few days I will call you. E-mail me your number PLZ!

Hope you feel better soon... !!! C-ya

Maija Lepore

Nie is a local girl and I;'ll be going to the Blissfest event in Mesa this weekend to show support. You are so kind to donate.
For baby- be sure all his basic needs are covered and let him cry for 20 minutes. If he crys more than 20 minutes- there might be something else he needs, but they usually stop before then. I read Dr. Ferber's book after I screwed up my first born's sleeping habits!

Sandi Chilton

So sorry you're having a hard time. I went through that with Sam and a friend recommended a book called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Kids", which really helped. I'll keep you in my prayers!

Shabby Miss Jenn

Hoooray! New goodies! SO sorry you aren't getting sleep but I hope you do soon! :) Miss you! :) xoxox


I hear ya. Eden has already had two colds and she is only a month old for Pete's sake! Dang preschool germs! UGH!

As for the sleeping, my recommendation? Get a nanny. Kel got me one until Christmas time so that I can get a nap in during the day. She has been a lifesaver. Eden likes to wake up around 11pm and stay up. Lovely. She sleeps 95% of the time in her vibrating chair since she is constantly stuffy from the colds her sweet sister brings home, and the gas that she can't seem to be rid of. What else? She likes to sleep in her baby carrier so I wear her around the house quite a bit.

That and maybe a bit of Benadryl...

Kidding. ;)

Oh, and you know I am going to buy some little tiny aprons as soon as you post them... All you have to do is post on your blog and they will fly off of the virtual shelves. LOL!


I got the sinus infection last month, and it literally stayed with me a month. I hope you feel better soon!



Wow...every mommy knows what you are going through! Pray, pray, pray--for wisdom and sleep!


I can't believe none of your kid aprons sold. I would think they would have been snatched right up! Well, at least now the internet shoppers have a shot at them. :)

That's rough with the non-sleeping baby. My babe usually slept through the night - thankfully! I read the "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" book, too, and it has some really good things. Another thing that seemed to make a huge difference for us was swaddling our babe. The tighter the better. It was amazing how well she slept when she was swaddled.

Also, thank you for that darling Halloween fabric you gave my mom. We finally made a cute little jumper with it and my little girl is IN LOVE with it. I posted a few pictures of it on my blog if you want to see it how it turned out. (I'd link right to it, but your site won't let me, sorry)


I remember those hard. Can't wait to see the new apron:) My Kaylie wants to be a baker, so maybe an apron for her would be fun:)

Shannon B.

We recommend The Sleep Lady!

If you can get a phone consultation with her, its really worth it!


Hellloooo! I'm the crazy girl at the boutique who was so excited to meet you. I was so excited to know that you are local. Just wanted to say hi!


Hi- Love your blog! Just wanted to let you know what we did to help my daughter to sleep- we bought a swaddler for her & wrapped her up like a little burrito every night! It works much better than using receiving blankets, because I can't swaddle like the nurses can! Good Luck!


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