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October 16, 2008


Megan Dean

Aaahaha! Oh MAN. At least you had a sense of humor about the whole thing! I can say that I've only read his name and never heard it pronounced before... and I was reading it correctly as "league" with a "T". Not TAY-GOOOO!! And the picture in the basket... priceless :)
p.s. MORE APRONS MORE APRONS! Every time you release a new one, you sell out so quickly I don't even get a chance! (but that is a very good thing for you!) :)


we knew that! how on earth do you get TAYGOO out of Teague, not sure. that nurse or whatever might be the only one. :)

Jennifer Woodbury

That is hilarious! Don't worry, I always read his name exactly how it was pronounced. He is so adorable in that basket!

Lisa Russell

It will get better. I had that happen also. My daughter's name is Alivia (pronounced like "Olivia" only with an A). When she was a week old, we had to go to the hospital for her to get some bloodwork done, and the person working there came out and called her name. "A-LIVE-a, A-LIVE-lia, A-LIVE-uh". I thought the same thing...oh gads, what have I done??? I never heard it that bad again. lol



HaHa that was a good one! I thought it was pronounced like league, so you are safe!


It's amazing how people botch names--I have some horror stories of people trying to pronounce my name too!! Too funny.


A suggestion for baby Teague. Try using some of the lavender scented baby products and give him a very gentle massage. Perhaps play some soothing music-Twila Paris has an amazing CD called bedtime prayers and lullabies that I found to be terrific-I am a neonatal RN. Be very calm with him-I know it's hard when they are screaming, but they really do pick up on our emotions. After that, he should be relaxed enough to fall asleep-that or you will!! Good luck.


Oh wow--I'd have never thought you could get "tay goo" out of Teague. Yeah--I always thought it was pronounced "teeeeeg." =)

Shabby Miss Jenn

OH man! LOL How hilarious! But I am just loving this cutie pie pic sweetie!


Tay-goo? Did she think you were from some far off land? That's hilarious!!

Jenifer Higgins

Maybe she thought it was Asian? I assumed it was pronounced like league and think it's a really cute name, by the way. The receptionist at my daughter's pediatrician always mispronounces her name, even though it seems pretty obvious to me.Gemma, like Gem, not with a hard g. Most others get it right. It must be something about Dr.'s office receptionists!


i can't stop laughing!


BWAHAHA!!! Seriously though, why on earth would anyone think his name was pronounced Tay-goo?! Don't worry too much about it. LOL!

Krissy Mitchell

Oh that just made my day. I would have reacted the same way!! I hope that isn't a sign of the future!! But really how can you mispronounces his name!!!?? It's so simple to pronounce!! (I love that name by the way, very cute and orginal)


Too funny! "tay-goo" is so cute and round and chubby, LUV IT!!! No, his name is totally easy to pronounce if you know how to read, obviously the lady from the doc's office did not.... all jokes! Love his name and those rolls i see in the picture.


Sooo cute :o)

Aunt Juli

Such cute stories--I remember those days! How 'bout some pics of those darling babies! It's been so long since I've seen them!

Emily Merkley

Brielle's doctor used to call her "Bry-Lee." I'd correct them every time...and every time, they'd call her the same thing!


That is so husband graduated from high school at a military base in a town in Korea called TAE gue which is pronounced TaGoo.......just made me think of that when i saw that.


bwahahaha! I love it, and btw I pronounce it correctly ;) LOVE the new aprons. I can't figure out if I dreamed it or if I really asked you.....where on earth you found the houndstooth fabric? I can't find quilting houndstooth anywhere, just heavy woven stuff. Woe is me! help me out :D I wish I could come to cache county! We leave on wed, I am so sad :( My brother moved from there and so now we never go. One of these days we are really going to meet. You are such a sweet friend. Love ya, take care, kiss that sweet Tay-Goo for me :D

Roxie Hancey

oh Kim this made me laugh..what a cute little guy he is..even when he's crying!


LOL! I LOVE his name and always new the correct pronunciation :) However, that is funny enough I bet it sticks as a nick name. Ha ha! So glad your blogging. xoxo


Oh sweet little TAY-GOO! That's actually got to be a nickname from here on out. LMBO--people are so silly. Of course, I knew it was Teague like league--it's why I voted for that name months back :) Bet your dh and family got a good laugh with you. Teague will laugh when he gets older too--hope he starts sleeping soon for you. I miss you. Love ya, Eva

Ps. Darling goods in the shop.

Shannon B.

ROFL!! Ok, I thought it was bad that they call Kyla "Kayla" every time we go even though she's been going there for 3 years. But this takes the cake for sure. TAY-GOO? Who doesn't know how to pronounce Teague? So silly! Well, he's precious no matter what you call him! LOL!

jennifer Paganellli

taygoo has a nice ring to can be his imaginary friend!!

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