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August 23, 2008



You really are the greatest person my, hilarious, kind, generous and beautiful inside and out!

Everyone better get out of the shop b/c I am ordering 2 and for such a great cause!!!!!


Oh gosh that is horrible Kim!! I would love to help out to. I have been making some little girl aprons and maybe I could donate some. How did you find out the info on how to donate? Hope all is well with you and little Teague. He is just darling and you are so sweet. I am coming out to Utah again in Oct. I would love to finally meet up with you :D


Cindy (Junque Art)

Oh my goodness. I have never run across her blog but it and her family are delightful. My heart goes out to them and they are in my prayers and I ordered a kit to help out.

Your little bundle of joy is so cute!!! I am glad he is doing well.


Oooh sooo pretty Kimmy!!!!!!!

Maija Lepore

Stephanie is a local girl and it's wonderful how people all over the country are reaching out to the family!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Ohhh my goodness!
But, Oh how wonderful to see the outpouring of love and care....
Thank you so much for being such a sweet example to us, Kim!
(Aprons...gorgeous as always! :) )


I am wondering if you will have more apron kits as I would love to join in to help this sweet adorable family. I am praying for them both and all of the family as we all need to show our love for one another so much. Thank you for your kindness too. I love your blog.


Kim, this was SO thoughtful! I am not surprised they sold out so fast, Nie is a delightful person, and I know there are so many people who want to help. Our continued prayers are with her and and her family. xoxo

Urban Chiks

We always love reading your blog and wanted you to know that we are honored that you have chosen our prints to help out a family in need. They seem like such a deserving family and our thoughts and prayers go out to them. Thank you so, so much...

And congrats on the beautiful baby boy! Glad to hear he is doing well!

amy cannon

i would love to support their recovery as well as purchase one of your darling aprons. let me know when you have some more available. i just loved the patterns and colors that you used. too cute. contact me at


I'm with amy- If you get more available I would love an apron.


I too have been so inspired and touched by this darling family. I absolutely love these aprons and would love to help with this important cause. Please, please e-mail me as soon as more become available! Thank you!

Kris is my e-mail:

Shabby Miss Jenn

You've been tagged! :) Promise it's a quick one! :) Muah!


That is so wonderful of you Kim! I will have to check her out. She sounds lovely.

I had some blog questions for ya if you could help me out whenever you get a chance. I am totally clueless!

Hope you & sweet lil man are well. I'm sure he's getting cuter everyday!

Kia Gregory

Any more aprons to buy to support Nie Nie and Family?


great link. thanks for sharing and you have a pretty nice blog, too.

Summer Adams

How neat to do that! I'm so glad that this family is getting so much support from good people all over the country!

ps - check out my online'll love it! we've been featured on GTU, Home Team and Wasatch Women Magazine. It's Tres Chic Boutique


That apron is To Die For!!!


I've read the sad news, and posted on my blogs, too. Praying for Nie and her family. And I will stop by those beautiful aprons. A lovely think to do. I believe it would make her smile!


i adore your aprons. I am so glad I own one. I am due for another- my MIL is coming to town.



Love Love Love your apron! I have been checking back every so often in hopes that you will be making more. I would love to own one. Any plans for more?

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