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August 24, 2007



Yay! I love it! Great job yet again -- and your secret detail was such a fun surprise while I was scrolling! Betty's sure to be a hit. :) XO


FABULOUS Kim. Thank you for joining us for this fun launch. I love Betty's little secret-a fantastic design element. She's a hit for sure :) Your listing looks beautiful! Hugs, Eva

lisa (momy4him)

fabulous my sweet friend!! i LURVE the little surprise detail. hawt!!


Betty is the perfect name for that apron! So cute!! How have you been? Congrats on the house! :)


That is the most beauuuutiful apron Kim. Awesome pictures too:) and the EBay layout...just amazing!!


Oh my goodness, you have me swooning! What a beautiful (that word doesn't even do it justice) apron, and what a beautiful sister, too! Love the laundromat shots. Good luck with the bidding AND the packing! *B


That is so BEAUTIFUL Kim!! WOW!!! BUt everything you make is AMAZING, so I shouldn't be so suprised!

Good luck with everything girl!


I've missed you! The apron is darling, as is your sweet sister! Can't wait to see new house photos!


Brillant Kim!

Love it! I am sure you will have a good reception on Ebay.



Beautiful apron! I love the corset back. Your sister is a perfect model.

Michelle Baker

Too cute! And a little naughty,too! Best of luck with the bids. :)


So so adorable. You are amazing, Ms. Olive Juice.

Will be in town end mid-Sept. Let's get together!



Hi Kim!
My Goodness, what a delicious apron! Love the corset detailing, LOL! But... my question is... do you custom fit the bust? LOL! ;)

Anyways, thanks for the link to the handstamped necklace, HOW CUTE! I need one, and I know a friend who'd enjoy it too!

BTW~ we are in the middle of packing up too! We are moving to Rockville, MD, a suburb of DC! And in only 3 weeks, Yikes, better get going!

((HUGS)) and have a great day!


I love it KIM! It was so fun to have you participate in the launch with us! What a great designs, LOVED the description and the photos too! your sister is a doll!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Ohhhh yeahhhh! What a little ray of sunshine in the midst of MY PACKING and GOING INSANE day...not that you'll have any stress packing, everything will all go sooo smoothly for you I'm sure. lol
PERFECT name for this apron! Honestly, I just get excited to see HOW you display & post your fun and creative!
GOOD LUCK!!! Soooo excited for you!!!


Wow Wow Wow. I think my hubby would be emailing you and thanking you too. I could try to justify this purchase - he couldn't be too mad now could he??? This is amazing and your display of it is AWESOME - the laundrymat scene is AWESOME!

So glad your house is about done!!! Good luck packing.


I'm so glad you're back. All that fudge made my jeans go up three sizes...


Oh, Kim! Where do I start! The apron is ADORABLE...I would bid on it for the back alone, what an inspired idea, and so darn cute! (and sexy ;) who would have thought you could say that about an apron, lol)

Your sister loks beautiful and those photos are awesome!

Glad to hear the house is almost done, can't wait to hear about moving day ;)

MWAH! Miss you! Thanks for the update, girl...I've been thinking about you!


Awesome Kim! What a fun apron! You have such wonderful ideas! Good luck with the ebay experience, I am sure it will be a hit!
Can't wait to see photos of the new house!


Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!!

I've been thinking of attempting Ebay. A lot of people have nudged me in that direction but I have no idea how to do templates and all the stuff. I wouldn't want the listing to look like doody. :)

Soo happy your finally getting ready to move. I know its taken forever to be done. Waiting is so hard.


by far the cutest apron i have EVER seen!!!


so, so cute. i love betty. =)

can't wait to see the new house!


I am drooling over here!!!! That apron is your best yet! I love love LOVE that corseted back. So cool. And your ad was totally perfect. How exciting!!! :) :) :)


* uh * sigh * hmmm * faint * finding it hard to... not fall right over from the shock of how cute that apron is... aaaah! I am gobsmacked!! That is the only word.


You've done it again! (Of course!) So good to see you back :). I'm soooooooo excited for *YOU* that your house is finally *almost* done!

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