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April 12, 2007



oh just the sweetest, cutest photos. Those photos of your daughter + husband dancing are just adorable. Those will be treaured!

And Mr. Gray? How cute is he? What a stylish boy! gosh, I just want to kiss his little cheeks!

I'd wear your caplet!


Can we at least get a snapshot of the caplet on the hanger since Liv wasn't down with wearing it?

See Kim, it's just never enough! :D


Hey chickie, GORGEOUS and incredibly sweet photos. Love the sequence of little Liv with *Henry*. :) Oh and that mohawk is too darn cute!! Can't wait to see what you've got coming out for the shoppe. We've gotta touch base again on the diaper bag thing. I never talked to you about what fabrics/colors you were thinking.

And about Utah, it's crazy how many people visit my blog from there. And they can't all be you, there are all sorts of cities all over Utah. A friend of mine will be there this weekend near Salt Lake City and I so wish I could tag along and come see you. Maybe next time. :)


Great photos and I am glad you had a good easter! Can't wait to see more photos!

sherelle christensen

Your kiddos are so beautiful! I am lovin' Liv's little dress. She is so sweet! It looks like you had a wonderful Easter, and I can't wait to see photos of your creations!


Oh Kim, those dancing pics melt my heart! They are the sweetest!!!! And that adorable little mohawk!! Your kids are sooooo ADORABLE!!!! Glad to hear you guys had fabulous festivities! Can't wait to see what beautiful creations you've been up to!! Happy Thursday!!


Beautiful pictures today, Kim! Your family is just precious!


So glad to actually have an OJ&Co post to read today! I check here like five times a day, for goodness' sake! It's nice to have you back, even if it is a quick pop of a visit!

Kids look oh-so-cute, as always! And please, bribe the heck out of that little girl so we can get a glimpse of that fabulous capelet! Plum velveteen!!! I am swooning over here!

Ashley H

Looks like you had a fabulous Easter. And those pictures of Liv dancing with her daddy are adorable. My Liv has her dad wrapped around her finger too. Oh, little girls and their daddy's!!! Can't wait to see what you've been up to.

Shabby Miss Jenn

How cuuuute are those pics! OMG how totally sweet! Um cuuute mohawk! I have a friend here who REALLY gave her son (4) a totaly mohawk! :) So glad you had a fab easter babes!


Cute pictures. I love salt water sandals, they say spring to me too! Kids look wonderful and what a hunky husband!

Becky (Daisyduster)

"Please Dada...pleeeese can we dance on the poop covered lawn??" "OK, Liv..I'd love to." lol
You're so funny! Of COURSE we didn't think that! LOL
I think this is my fav pic of your little guy...what a lil studmuffin...and me too, me too...I want to see the velveteen caplet!
Sounds gorgeous..
and so can't wait to see what special project you have in the works..Hmmmm...


Ohhhh I cannot WAIT to see the new OJ & CO stuffs!!! I know it will be super yummy!!!! And hehe--my husband aerates our lawn too. Yo've got to love that "look." Our neighbor walked around for a good twnety minutes staring at it the first time we did it-soooo funny-LOL! Have a great day!

jen harr

Kim, You've got the most beautiful family! That Gray is getting big!
Love the photo frames & how you decked them out. Such a great sense of style you have!!


Lovin' that floral fabric on Miss Liv's skirt! It must be something in the flowers that makes one want to twirl while wearing it, 'cuz I spin around in my apron, too!!
Darling photos, darling sweet!


I love reading your blog!! That skirt is SO pretty - I really need to drag out my sewing machine and use it {thanks for the inspiration!} And I love your pics - I had to "photo-lift" them!!


Oh my goodness, Liv and *Henry* are darling dancing together. That is SO sweet. Liv's skirt is beautiful. You have such a gift. Me? I just went to Gymboree. :)

Lori S.

I sooooooo wish I could sew! My husband does, though, so you'd think he could just make me an apron himself! Hope he gets me one of yours for mom's day! Wanna' see photos of the capelet!


You have such a beautiful family! I love looking at what you make. Inspires me to wish to be cool like that. :)


Can't wait to see the new creations... you always amaze me!
Your kidlets look too darling, so sweet in their adorable Easter duds. Happy Spring!

shabbyjuls those pictures Kim. Awesome memories:)


I posted on my blog last week about having a backpack that I was wanting to give to someone who had a "Gray" in their family. Would like to have it? I had it monogrammed for my nephew and then never gave it to him. It's brand new, never been used, is blue with a monkey on it. It's on my blog if you want to see a pic of it. I hate for someone not to use it b/c it's so cute. Email if your interested and I'll mail it to you. Thanks! Christy


aw.... your kids are just toooo adorable! :)


your babies are adorable, and so fashionably dressed-wonder who is responsible for that, lol!


The tango pictures are DARLING!


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