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March 28, 2007



Oh How Fun, Amelia is a dear sweet friend of mine. We are in the same e-bay group and her little Masyn models my jewelry quite often. Love your blog and have it on my bloglines! your Digi work is wonderful. Please stop by and check me out! Tracy


What a great tag idea! And I have always wanted to try that acid stain technique on concrete. What a fantastic floor treatment for a studio. There must be pictures of this home in progress. ;)


Oh, you are gonna LOVE your concrete stained floors! We have them in our house and they are great! And hooray for your new studio!! How great that will be!! Wishing you a day full of sunshine and happiness!!


Ooooh your floors sound wonderful! No more pins getting stuck in the carpet to find later (while barefoot!).
Amelia makes beautiful designs over on ebay, I'm a huge fan too!


I love it---love the concept of being influenced by the positive rather than the negative. You go girl. I will be right there with you. :)
P.S. Concrete floors rock!!


Well look at you go! Two days in a row. I am impressed. Will you post a picture of your stained concrete floor? I have never seen that before. It sounds cool. Especially the heated part.


I have a positive thought for you, tell me if you've heard of this one: STAINED CONCRETE FLOORS!!! Fabulous!

Oh, you have heard of it... well, then this:
BRAND NEW STUDIO (with all the bells and whistles of your choice such as, but not limited to: Heated floors, 9 foot ceilings, a big window, and plans for loads of shelves, antique furniture, and beautiful lighting)!!! Fantastic!

Hmm, let's see, I still have a few more up my sleeves (and yes, we're talking both sleeves Kim)...
*How about this one: YOUR VERY OWN HOUSE (also complete with bells and whistles of your own choosing)!!! Marvelous!
*Ok, maybe this one: BLOG BUDS!!! Wonderful!
* Uh, this one then: EMAIL PINGS (friends leavin' some lovin')!!! Super!
* Fine, here's my last shot(s): TWO POSTS IN A ROW!!! Fantabulous (that's right, fantastic and fabulous, all rolled into one)!

So you have heard of them? Dang it, and I thought I was original...


Funny how you're tagging me for the no complaining thing, I had read about this last month in a magazine somewhere was just talking about it to my friend Elizabeth. I've been trying to limit my whine since I read it so I'm ready! Its hard not to be happy when its nice springy weather and you have great friends right??? Have a great happy postive day!


concrete stained floors are beautiful. My sister has them in her loft and I think they are gorgeous! Congrats on the studio space :)


Something positive? I have one, I have one! How about the time you commented on my blog... that made my WEEK okay let's be honest it made my month as a noobie blogger :) You inspire us all with your creativity and happy thoughts. Dittos on the concrete floor...not only easier to clean but way healthier too! Have a terrific day!


I must join in the happy vibe...
positive thoughts (or things that I think are POSITIVELY devine):
*crocuses (sp?) popping up through a smattering of snow (yeah SPRING!)
*the smell of my children as I tuck them into bed after they've thoroughly enjoyed a bubble bath!
*scones! Fruity, cinnamony or otherwise they are the cream of the crop as they are as yummy as a muffin top! RECIPE THANKS TO YOU! :)
*going barefoot outside in the springtime and feeling the damp, cool grass between your toes!
Just a few things I'm thinking about today! Have a great one!


Ohhh, so much eye-candy on this blog of yours, Kim! And my favorite part about you making friends via blogging is that we get to see all the wonderful links to your friends! :o)
So happy that you are loving the Spring, I am sooooo loving it too! And please do take pictures of your studio transformation! How fun!!


Hooray for posting two days in a row! Your still-in-the-works studio sounds so, so cool and I am incredibly jealous of it. What a fun thing! I cannot wait to see pics of it. Also, I think you do a fantastic job of keeping this blog upbeat and really positive. It's super uplifting and I come visit it when I'm feeling dumpy. It always helps me feel better. I think I need to try a little PMA of my own. Thanks for the jump-start.


Oh wow I didn't even get a chance to post on the previous entry before you posted this one!! I looooooooooove that new apron. It is my absolute fave!!!! No question about it! ANd Woohoo congrats on your new craft studio!!! Oh how I long for a craft room. I have all my stuff on a small counter in the laundry room-LOL. Well at least I have a laundry room, since I know a lot of people that don't I feel happy about that!!! And ITA about the positive thing--that's the main reason I started my new blog-LOL. It's sooo easy to focus on the bleah things that I want to make sure I take time out to dwell on the fun and happy things in life. It's "blog-therapy"-LOL. Although I'm totally horrible about posting. Not cuz there is nothing to say, but just cuz I am a bad blogger. Hehe--hope you have a super day!!!!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Yeah! Finally figured out why I haven't been able to post on typepad blogs! It's been like, 3 weeks!! anyways...
Love this new idea going around about keeping in check with our complaining...I literally was knocked on the head (with the vacuum cleaner doing stair work) the other day because I was angry and complaining...and jerked on the hose too hard! LOL...but not really! It hurt!
And the first thing I thought was, "God has literally had to knock me on the head to get my attention that this is enough of this mindframe already!" lol
Praises and Gratitude, Baby from now on...all the way!!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Ope! Forgot to mention that I too, craft on the dining room table (much to my husbands disapproval!) And your new basement studio sounds like a dream!!!
Have fun!


Whew!!!!!! I made it! Imagine my horror when I omitted the "co" part of the OJ when typing your blog addie and stumbling onto some mundane mess of a site!!!!!!!! Oooh, I am still shuddering... :D


Being positive is a good thing! I believe there's always a silver lining behind a dark cloud... for instance, I just broke my ankle, but at least it wasn't my sewing foot! And having this downtime is causing me to come out of lurkland to comment on everyone's blogs, which I don't usually have time to do. Congratulations on your new studio, too - you'll love it!

suzi finer

You have a marvellous blog here...delish!


I have always wanted concrete floors. They have them at the beauty salon I go to and they are fabulous.

I just found your blog today and it amazing and very well designed. Good job.


Oh yummy floors!!!
Thanks for taking the challenge!


Lara St. Peter

I would love to share a positive thought with you - a few actually!
Number one, I love your blog and your aprons, can't wait to see what you make next and if I can purchase one before they sell out! Number two, it's folks like you that have given me the courage to start my own business. I am tentatively, VERY TENTATIVELY, using my blog,, to introduce my designs. Any advice on how to grab the bull by the horns and just go for it??

Thanks! Lara

Nancy Comelab

Hey! :) I sure did find a wonderful friend in YOU. {hugs} from a happy, surrounded-with-family Nancy!

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