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March 03, 2007



Ina needs to take a break from that blue button down, I can't stand looking at it anymore! LOL And if she isn't wearing that god awful blue she is in the grass green.....every so often she'll bust out the white...I know it's a cooking show and not a fashion show but I really can't stand it...after all, she in the Hamptons! LOL


Oh yay for the wii-ners! :) And yay for all of us, getting to come back here, day after day, and enjoying all that Kim has to offer us! Three cheers for OJ&Co! Hip-hip hooray (times 3)!!!

PS- I love the flipped/backside staple effect... and the bird's flight path (what else would you call that?!)... please direct me oh great and wise one!


congratulations to all of the winners and congrats to you to kim, for blessing us with your beautiful blog, you dress it up so nice, i love coming here!
i am lonely in the other place. come and visit me! man i miss hello!


You are so sweet and generous, Kim! :o ) And you make everything so pretty on this blog!
Just thought I would say hello! :o)


Congratulations winners! Hooray for you! And a big HUG for Kim, so dang talented, fun AND generous! The world doesn't get much better than you! :)


Kim~you are the sweetest!!! Congrats to all the winners;)


congrats to the winners!!! Girl you hav to direct me to those staples too, how cool is that!!
Have a great day!! :)


Congrats to the winners! No fair taking a nap! I could sooo go to bed right now but will I? NO! What is WRONG with me?! Love the little bits of scraps of yours we get to see... at least it's something right? :)

Shabby Princess

so cute and sweet! happy blogiversay :)


Hi! Just found your blog, too fun! and I LOVE-LOVE your aprons! Have you ever considered making the "craft-style" aprons?


Ah, hate I missed it! Maybe next time? Love your blog anyway!

jennifer | creatingfromscratch

what a gorgeous blog!


just stumbled across your cute blog. You're so talented!

Could you share where to get that cute scalloped border in this post?



Where did you get those fabulous ribbon flowers? And the fonts?! Just adorable!! I absolutely love all of your little designs throughout your blog! :)


I love your blog. Yep.

jenny holiday

Ohh I am just loving your blog to bits and bits!!! I have been wanting to comment for over a week now, but typepad has been mean to me! : (

Lucky day today!! I am able to post!! YAY!!
Thank you so very very much for stopping by my blog!! So excited to have a new place to visit for daily eye candy!!

Thanks bunches!!
xoxo Jenny


Oh yah... you Rawk. Congrats on the anniversary...but more importantly, contrats on an AWSOME blog (!!!) well done!

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