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November 18, 2006



I'm SOOOO movin' to Utah. LOL Wow! Noone throws a Chic Boutique like you ladies. The pictures are amazing! And your new stuff is GORGEOUS! So inspring all of it. Seriously, why does Utah have to be sooooo far away?! :(


Yum yum yum! What eye candy! That boutique looks and sounds so awesome and uplifting!!! Something that is somewhat lacking in the digi industry lately - LOL!


Ok, it seriously would not be safe for me to step foot into that boutique... it is absolutely amazing. All the colors and fun stuff. WOW!!!!!


Ooooh, you didn't show me those wintery shelves with the rest of the shots last night! Love 'em.....and I think you maye have coerced me into that apron I will lovingly refer to as "Coco", chic like Chanel and sounds like oooey gooey chocolate! ;)


What a marvellous idea, Kim, and such a great opportunity! I am always so very pleased when I see super talented ladies -such as yourself- team up to make the world a better place with your delicious designs! I swear I am so sad that I live so far away! Congratulations, girl, your stuff looks absolutely fabulous! Can't wait to hear how it all went! Go Indie! Lol..

Jen Harr

YUM! Look at all of those Chic goodies! I'm super excited for you all! What a great opportunity!


gorgeous stuff!! i love it all and so wish we had something cool like that around these parts. what am i saying.......i so wish we had someone like you around these parts!!! you are just so blingin creative girl........miss ya!!

ps. i NEED to buy me one of those aprons......i was just at the funnest cooking type thing and wished i had one of your aprons to show off.


WOW! My eyes are popping out of my I wish I could be there...what a fun opportunity too:)


Wow! everything is great! i love the aprons and scarves...How can I get those? do you have your store ready?? i'm going to america for vacations and would love to order them so I can pick them up on those days before I return overseas!


Oh, man... So super cute! You need to tell us about these things sooner...I so would have come and I so would have been in trouble :) Let me know if you have another...You stuff is awesome like usual!!


oh WOW!
Love all this stuff!
I wanna come!
Can't wait to see more and more and more pics!


Holy freaking land of delicious trinkets & things. I MUST have one of those pompom scraves. Name the price, I'm sold. Darling stuff chica!


Amy Wathen

OMG YOu rock! SO, this is where you have been. LOL LOOOVE it all. Hurry and get your site up so we can shop!!


SERIOUS eye-candy!!!! WOW!!! Thank you for sharing and I hope it goes awesome!!!

sonja {serendipity}

Kim! You are so amazingly talented! Wow!!! Oh how I wish I lived close to you! LOL :)

Daisy Cottage

Serious eye candy! I'd LOVE to be able to go shop among those treasures! Each one is TOO cute! Wonderful colors too!


Awh man! Looks like i've missed it! Will you please, please tell me when you have it again! Me and Tiff will come! :)

Maegan Birr

Oh man, I wish I was close to you. That looks AMAZING!!! Wowza. What talent. (Beautiful post by the way. You always do such a great job displaying photos).


KIIIIMMMMM!!! I can't wait to see your online offerings! Everything looks great but your creations look absolutely FABULOUS! Every time I decide to purchase one of your aprons, you pull another one out of your magic hat. :)I will be obsessively reloading your blog for the next few week, so I don't miss out on the new stuff.

Now, if only I was a local girl.... :(


Rock the heck on! You just inspired me - holy cow what eye candy! YUM! Do you sell on etsy! I am in!!!


Girlie I am wondering if you are up for a trade...check out my site...



oooo...i want all these goodies for my shop! any chance of wholesale pricing girls?

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