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July 19, 2006



Oh I just love aprons!! I trulllllllly adore them! I have a couple. Kind of like a mini apron collection :) These are so cute! So bright and colorful! Truly anyone would be "hip" in the kitchen!
:) Jenn


Just in case you don't make my special order.... I'll take my chances here lol!


Now that is an apron I would wear!!! How cute!!!!


I followed Corina's "pimp" link from DST. I wear my apron A LOT! I'm such a sloppy chef (aren't all the good ones?). LOL. My hubby is tired of seeing me in my green Williams Sonoma apron. This is just darling!


I wear a gingham red and white apron. :) This one is so much cuter. I could use a little update!


Ohhhh.. sign me up girl! And it even has a pocket for me to keep my lipgloss! ;)


Kim, these are FAB FABBITY FAB. How do you make aprons cool? Watch out--pretty soon even Project Runway will have contestants designing aprons. Just you wait. LOL.


I am usually just a lurker, but that apron is fantastic! I love it! These would make great gifts...I just might have to order some. Thanks so much!

Kim Christensen

I LOVE LOVE LOVE aprons!Enter me in the contest!!


How much would you asell those babies for!!! i love it!! :)

Maegan Birr

Those aprons are SO CUTE! Let me tell you why I NEED one. :) Last year at Christmas I was wearing an apron and a friend of mine (should be ex-friend) told me that I looked like my husband's grandmother!!! I definitely wouldn't look like a grandma is one of your aprons!


june cleaver wishes she was born in this millenium, b/c dang...those aprons look good! :)


Kim! These are TOOO adorable! I've never been into wearing aprons because well, they just aren't cute enough...but these ones, I totally would wear! Pick me, pick me!! ;) Hah, I'd probably actually even cook and bake if I was wearing something cute like that! So yeah, pick me, pick me! LOL!


OMG!! This is just so dang dang, stinkin',retro chic fabulous..I must have one!! {crossing fingers that I win!} I love wearing aprons, and do often actually! I make wedding cakes so it comes in handy!! =)


OMG too CUTE!! That is one stylin’ apron!! Girl you are so crafty, love it! I sign me up :D!!

Jennifer Pebbles

kim, I am praying to the kitchen gods of creative souls that you pick my name so I can flounce around the house in this fabulous creation!!! I loooooove your creative spirit girl!!!

Donna Rafferty

OOOOoooo Pick me!!! That apron is just TOO cute. I am remodeling my kitchen and it would be the perfect touch!!! I LOVE it!!!

No way would I cook with it and get it dirty LOL!!


KIM! These are so sassy! Love the bow in the front. Even if I don't win this one, I NEED to get one!! :D


OMGosh girl, these are so super cute!!!!! They are the most stylish aprons I have ever seen!!! I would LOVE to be entered in the drawing!!!
smooches girl,


sign me up! those are adorable...


Wow--that is sooooooo stinkin' cute!!!! You are very enterprising! I actually started wearing aprons recently b/c I finally got sick of having food splattered all over my clothes. I'd LOVE one of these!!!


OMGosh, Kim- those are fantastic!! :) I think they'd even motivate me to get into the kitchen more!! Please add me to the list!! :) TY!


Hi! I followed the liink from DST here - I have to say WOW! I've been looking all over for aprons, they are hard to find!!! I am a messy cook ( but I LOVE to cook and bake ) so I normally have to deal with just sticking a teacloth through belt loops!!*LOL* How sad is that? This apron is beautiful. I'd be thrilled with a pattern or some instruction on how to make my own??


OMGosh!!!! ~WOW~ So, are you taking orders {that is if I don't win it :) :)} Hehehehehe!! Kim, I L-O-V-E it!!! AWESOME!!


Absolutley adorable Kim! I love it!

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