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June 21, 2006



I love white cabinets in kitchens. I wanted them in mine when we were choosing options for the townhouse we built, but the design center people told us we could only have one color of cabinets throughout the whole house so I gave up on white. But I definitely want them in my next house!


YAY!!!!!!! She's bloggin'!!!! LOL OH, how I love the white with the darker wood floors and dark's just so rich and chic and yet still inviting........... I am so totally lovin' the first pic you have up - if I was doing a kitchen that's what I would be going for!



We had a similar debate. I wanted a darker wood floor and lighter stained cabinets...he wanted the the end, we did what he wanted. There were a few times that I had to meet him in the middle and just for the on every one of them he has since regretted it and wished we would have done it MY way....ah sweet victory (even if it's too Oh! And, we fought way more with the builder than we did each other!


I finally got my white kitchen and I LOVE it! So cheery!

Amy Wathen

WHITE! I totally agree with you. The white with wood floors and dark counters will be gorgeous- you need the contrast anyway- and plus you will have a bright kitchen! Lovin that first kitchen too. And from the sutuff you have shown me so far, you have great taste. So glad to see you blogging again but now I feel guilty and need to post on my own blog. LOL

Lisa aka momy4him

stand your ground girl!!! you are not crazy! i cannot stand a dark kitchen, it's so...uninspiring!!! we have a dark kitchen and now i hate to cook! i love the look you are going for- stay with it!!!
i am so glad to see you bloggin again! you know i came here everyday to see, right?


What, your blogging again?? LOL Just kidding, we have been so busy too!!!Totally love the white too!!
I will be checking back later to see if theres a suprise from Olivejuice & Co. :) Peace gitl!


I love the idea of white cabinets, it opens up the room so much more. I have to admit, I really like the stained wood island, didn't think I would in theory, but the photo makes it LOOK GOOD! ;)
What about a white washed wood? Worth considering?? BTW... I think if you do most of the cooking, and you're the one in the kitchen most of the time, you should get first dibbs on the design of it... I only wish that were an argument I could win! LOL


I know pretty much nothing about marriages or building houses...but either way, your kitchen will probably be stunning. :) I do have to say I am a fan of the white...


I'm totally with you on the girls domain thing! I'm surprised he has such an opinion on the cupboard color! Well, tell him, that I think you have great taste, and it's a white is always a classic style! Go for the WHITE!:)

Maegan (Coffeebean)

I am normally not a white cabinets fan but I do agree with you on this one. With dark floors and counter tops the white balances it out and give the room a nice cheerful feel. Good luck with this one!


Okay Kim, I promise that I'm not just trying to be agreeable on this, but I've always LOVED white cupboards. I have white (it's more of an old painted from the 60s though, lol) right now and it's so inviting and clean feeling. My Mother-in-law is about to move into her new house and her kitchen is black!! I'm a little nervous about that one especially since the floor is black tile and everything else is dark purple! Not that you needed a whole story, but good luck, I hope your WIN!


yay your back!! i love your kitchen choices, especially the one in the middle. i hope that you get everything you would like and i totally agree that the women should be able to pick out the kitchen if she is the main cook. hey if you pretty much have the same taste, then you can't go wrong, right?? he will love it too!!


YEAH! she blogs! :)
i think the white in the kitchen is ok as long as you have some darker stuff to balance it out (ie countertops, appiances, etc.).... :)

Shabby Miss Jenn

SUCH INCREDIBLE EYE CANDEEEEE KIM! Just looooove this!!!!!!!


Hey Girlie! I was thrilled when I popped in and saw that you'd actually BLOGGED! LOL OK. Down to bidness. WHITE cabinets - all the way! So fresh, bright and happy! Don't budge on it! Tell your DH that the rest of the house can be built but you are holding your ground and if he can't live with white cabinets, then he'll be living without a kitchen altogether! LOLOL Seriously, that first pic is gorgeous! We did tons of renovating when we moved in to our house and we both agreed (fortunately) that we wanted white cabinets in the kitchen. Here is a link, if you're interested. It hasn't been updated in over a year, so I have to say that the backsplash is white beadboard. I'm sure I have a pic somewhere. I soooo need to update the pictures on there.
Wow, did I ever get chatty?! LOL

Kari Hentzelt - steppedonalego

What is it with men and their freaking wood?! (lol, that sounded bad)....

Tell your husband, if he gets all dark *permanent* fixtures, like floors, cabinets, counters... then you get the paint the walls a BRIGHT and cherry colour.. if you get the white (or those awesome creamy white distressed looking ones... so cool).. then the walls can go darker, like that pic you posted with the great olive/sage walls.

I would go for white in a heartbeat.


Hey you! Love all those cabinets and good for you for compromising! Hmmmm, who does the bulk of work in the kitchen?

We had dark wood and it drove me nuts - felt like I was in a cave. They're now light oak and the only dark part is the countertops.


Love the first picture (white cabinets, dark wood floors). My husband hates white kitchens, but I think they look bright and classy. Who wants to cook in a cave?!


LOL...I say whoever is cleaning it wins the arguement!!! I love that white kitchen...but I named my daughter "Bianca" if that tells you anything about my love for the color white!!!!


"Well, WE are not actually building it (can you imagine me out there banging nails?" LOL!!! This made me laugh.

Ok, we re-did the kitchen when we bought this house last year. I did NOT like the idea of white. Now, after choosing some maple wood (which is still pretty, don't get me wrong), I actually like the white look. And yes, you should choose. It's the kicthen AND you love to cook & bake. You should definitely pick what you like!!!! :)


I am not sure how much I would like white with two small kids but in theory I love it :) Good luck on your battle- men can be so pigheaded sometimes ;)

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