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May 15, 2006



DOH! Don't ya hate that. I am really aware now of saving constantly. At any rate, if you hadn't told the story no one who have been the wiser.. the layout looks amazing. I love the honesty... maybe that's why I can't do a layout about myself. Ich! Love your other layouts too- the colors in Beautiful Dreamer are great! Thanks for sharing Kim. Hope you had a fabuouls day yesterday!

Jen Harr

I am in awe of your work! You have such a great sense of style and super creativity! I just want to lift everything!! LOL! Congratulations on making it in the UDS! The layout turned out just perfect! The thing is, that it still has your "style" and you're probably your worst critic! There's a reason you're making, girlie!!
Thanks for the action tips!! Love it! have a great day!


I loved your UDS page! I would have had no idea you had such a last minute scramble!! I also love all your new pages. I have Grey's on Tivo from last night and I don't think I'll be able to watch any of the finale until next weekend when DH gets back in town. Wah!!! Maybe I'll just watch without him...


I am telling you...#1 you are so NOT an idiot and #2 you totally rock when it comes to creativity and friendship........keep the art coming!!!!


Nancy Comelab (aka belgianangel)

Lol... good thing you were able to salvage it and post it on time.. such a terrific LO! And between you and me (lol) you DO stand a chance! So give it your best okay? :)
Congratulations! Love your new LO's.. truly outstanding. {hug}


your layout turned out great, kim!! love it :) love all your others as well!! see ya


If that is what you can do with a LO after something like that happening - WOW - you deserve to be moving on to the next round. And you totally can win this girl - there sure are a lot of great creaters on the list, but you are awesome and don't sell yourself short!


holy cow kim! i had no idea! you are a rockstar to pull that together so fast and still have it looking so fabulous! love your song right now. That was so my theme song for a long stretch. still is sometimes. love ya girl!


OMG I can't believe you got your LO in with 4 minutes to spare! Wowza!!!!

Love the newest batch of pages. :)

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

Oh you're kidding! That is a CLOSE call! I am so impressed that you pulled it off!

And OMG I have so many feelings on the GA finale. I am sad and happy and sad but happy ....I can't even decide what I feel! LOL!


Your LO was awesome even without dropshadows! I just love your style. And I can't believe you've done ANY other LOs besides the contest ones the past 2 weeks. Its all I can do to get those post in time for the deadline. I posted not long before you Friday night and I only did my LO ONCE! LOL Plus, I'm sure your CT teams will be awfully proud to have an Ultimate Digi-Scrapper on their team. ;)

That mohawk is just crackin' me up. LOL


Your Mohawk LO is seriously one of THE cutest I have ever seen! I just can't stop giggling. I love the little tattoo on his arm. LMAO! What a cutie!


OK, so I don't rememeber what day recipe day was on, but I am hoping it's coming up soon. :) I am gonna bring a meal to a new mom at our church and I have no idea what to bring. I know I will bring your strawberry salad, but I am having trouble with the main dish. Anyway...............Your LO's are FAB!!! Even having your LO flattened without out the shadows, it was still stinkin awesome girl!!! You have talent!!!
Have a great day!!!


Awesome Pages! I agree with the whole "be careful with your name" thing. I'm glad you changed. I guess it's the ex-banker in me!

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