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April 10, 2006



That outfit is adorable. I absolutely LOVE that picture of her jumping in the air. WOW!!!!! And look at your cute self. You are must share photos of yourself more often!


The outfit is adorable and the pictures are great! Have no idea why you hate pics of yourself you look fantastic! No rush on the hair flowers ;)

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

I LOVE the Mexicali outfit! So cute! And of course Liv just makes it all the cuter. That "air" pic is adorable! And you are just gorgeous. Whatev about not liking pics of yourself. I don't wanna hear that crazy talk anymore. = P

Thanks for the mascara recommendation. I knew I could count on you for a good one!

P.S. I think you'll have to rip the title of Worst Blogger out of my cold, dead hands. I am sLaCkIn big time! It's a wonder you and I ever get to "chat" at all with our weak blogging efforts. *MwaH* Until next time (whenever that is! LOL!)

Shabby Miss Jenn

HUBBA HUBBA!!!!! I love you! LOL Seriously you are just adoreable!

I LOVE your dd's outfit! And Mexicali is a fun city! ROFL!!!! What a cool blog you have darling!


Well it's about kidding) :D I love love love that outfit, its so stinkin cute...I am speechless!!!! What an adorable pic of Liv, so adorable!! And as for the picture of yourself...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! I totally love your hair too, so cute! As for the hair bling, I can't wait, but no rush chica. :) YOu are stinkin talented girl!!

Kellie (joelsgirl)

Super cute outfit; she oughta be an American Girl Doll or something!


Ooookkkkkkk I think I'd do an All About Page like, everyday if I was cute like you! You're adorable Kim!

I LOVE your latest creation and I LOVE "Catching Some Air". Oh man that picture is too cute!!!!!!

Cynthia M.

You probably do not know me but i have been lurking around many bloggers and found your blog. I have to tell you that i really LLLLLLLLOVE your hairstyle. that is what i tried to tell my hairstylist last time but ended up got like this- if you want to see me in my blog. i really love your hair.. and love that picture of the little girl and jumped! cute outfit! ;o)


Oh OH oH!!! I thought your daughter was cute and she is and now I know exactly where she gets it from - dang girl - how could you hate pics of yourself??? You are a doll and look as sweet as you really are! The outfit you designed is so so cute and Liv sure did do a great job modeling! Can't wait to see the men in your life in all of their glory!


lol kim i just posted on my blog the same title!! love your pics here. oh my what a darling little girl and that outfit is amazing!! love those colors!! fabulous pic of you as well. you are just too cute :) have a great day!


Love it!!!! Too cute and your daughter looks so cute in it. Future model maybe... By the way love the haircut.
Have a great day.

Lisa aka momy4him

love your new line, and miss liv looks good in it! fabulous pics of her too- so sharp! did you get your new lens? i "borrowed" that one, and ended up getting the 200mm 2.8 instead, just call me crazy...
dang girl! you are one hawt mama! and you don't like pics of yourself? pshh! talk to tha hand! that's all i have to say about that chica!!


Kim, you look so great!! Love the haircute. Olivia looks adorable in that outfit, I totally love it! Great job making it. Your little spread looks like it should be in a clothing catalog, great pics of her. I love the one of her catching some air too!


What a great design, love all the vibrant colors...and you daughter couldn't be any cuter...really!!! That air pic is priceless=) I just had to take some pics of myself recently and I hated every moment, but if I was a cute as you...I'd be posing all day long, lol!


Oh my goodness!!! She is TOO CUTE in that outfit LOVE the colors in it. I can't get over all you crafty moms. Wish I could do something like that lol!
You look so totally AWESOME, LOVE the hair! Definitely one hawt momma :D! Those pictures are FABULOUS so sharp!


LOVE the hair girl!!!!! And that dress is incredible, can't wait to see some more of your designs :)

BTW- What font did you use for "happy"? I've been trying to hunt it down without luck.


ok... so much to say! LOL can you PLEASE be my kids personal seamstress? That has got to be the cutest outfit I have EVER seen. Totally love it. And you look ADORABLE! I love your cut! So very pretty!
Ah! I can't stop staring at that outfit! and her hair is PRECIOUS!


You are SO incredibly talented!!! AND BEAUTIFUL to boot!!! BEAUTIFUL kids with a GORGEOUS mom!!! WOWZAS!!! LOVE the new creation...I am in awe that you were able to come up with that in your head and put it together...AWESOME!!!

Tiff Brady

You seriously made that cute outfit?? Wow your daughter looks adorable and you are so talented! Love that picture of you! Your gorgeous!


OMG!! She is so cute!! My little gal needs one! :-) Wish I could sew a straight

Shannon B. (aka dancingirisheyes)

A little shout-out to ya on my blog ; )


Fabuloso! Love this sweet outfit! It would be great to find out more about Olive Juice and Co!! I'm wondering if the catalog for Olive Juice is by you?? Is that right? Also, just adore your digi layouts!!


girl you're so cute!!! love the LOs, love the blog, love it all.


Aren't you the cutest thing! I love your hair, you look like you belong in magazines along with your gorgeous daughter. I'm picturing Hanna Anderson.

Love the outfit. Those colos would make the best kit. LOL.


Lovely pics of your DD and you!! Love them all! Awesome! I love your haircut too. Very nice!!

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